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Jewelry Inspired By Princess Ariel

Jewelry Inspired By Princess Ariel

Princess Ariel is a courageous young woman who is the main character in Disney's The Little Mermaid. She is the youngest daughter of King Triton and Queen Athena, and she has six sisters. Ariel has beautiful long red hair, and her eyes are bright aqua blue. She has a bright and stubborn personality.

The story of Princess Ariel is one of adventure, love, and following your dreams no matter where they lead you. It begins with Ariel exploring a shipwreck in the undersea kingdom of Atlantica. She passionately speaks about her desire to live in the human world. Ariel collects human objects and eventually falls in forbidden love with a human named Eric. Her adventures are anything but smooth, with many dangers in her path, but she pushes through.

One of Princess Ariel's core strengths is her adventurous side. What makes Ariel unique is that she will stop at nothing to explore the places that excite her, and her headstrong mentality ensures that nothing will stop her.

Symbols With Their Representations In The Little Mermaid

Shell - Shells are an iconic symbol of strength and resilience, which is perfect for Ariel's story of self-discovery in which she transforms herself into a courageous young woman.

Anchor - Anchors represent hope and safety. In Ariel's case, it can also mean being held down by her father and the kingdom.

Key - Keys stand for holding the ability to open any door you wish to go through metaphorically. Princess Ariel loved to explore, and she always made it happen regardless of how hard that door was to get through.

Starfish - Starfish represent infinite divine love, which Ariel got to experience with Eric.

Jewelry Pieces Inspired By Disney Princess Ariel

Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry offers many categories of timeless jewelry pieces inspired by Ariel. Below are a few of them.

Earrings - The earrings inspired by Princess Ariel are elegant. They feature sterling silver, diamond, and white pearl. They look as timeless as the materials they are crafted with and age beautifully over time.

Rings - The rings inspired by Ariel come in a variety of designs. Some are incredibly intricate and feel as if they are designed for only the most important events. Other Princess Ariel-inspired rings are some of the most fun pieces in the collection. Featuring rose gold, sterling silver, diamonds, and gemstones; the rings have enough options to suit anyone's unique taste.

Necklaces - The necklaces that are inspired by Princess Ariel are without a doubt the most playful of the collection. They are made with rose gold, yellow gold, sterling silver, gemstones, and diamonds. The shapes range from hearts, keys, and shells, to intricate designs and patterns.

Bangles - The bangles that are inspired by Princess Ariel are very casual. They are often simple yet have a little sparkle from metals and gemstones. It reminds you of when the sun shines on the beach, and you can see the sand sparkle.

Engagement Rings - Princess Ariel engagement rings are incredibly extravagant. They are big, full of gemstones, and made with the most playful materials. When it comes to engagement rings, modesty is not the name of the game. They immediately make you think of finding a lost treasure chest at the bottom of the ocean full of precious gemstones and metals.

Speaking of metals, only the most precious ones are used for crafting the Princess Ariel jewelry collection.

Rose gold is a mixture of classic yellow gold, copper metals, and sometimes different variations of silver. Together they create a hue that is similar to pink, hence the name rose gold. The higher the karat amount, the higher purity of gold in the piece.

White gold is a metal that is much stronger than silver, making it a great option for someone looking for something strong yet affordable. White gold is very lustrous and silvery, making it suitable for casual events as well as more formal situations.

Sterling Silver is one of the most simple and beautiful metals available today. It is luminous and reflective, making it very popular in jewelry. It can be great for everyday use but also incredibly elegant when used in combination with the right materials and styles. Sterling silver is harder than pure silver because it is mixed with other metals such as copper, zinc, and nickel to improve durability.

Yellow gold is a naturally occurring precious metal that is not combined with any other metal. It is soft and sometimes mixed with other heavy metals to extend its lifetime. Yellow gold is hypoallergenic, easy to maintain, and the purest of all gold options.

Occasions to Gift Princess Ariel Inspired Jewelry

The qualities of women who would enjoy wearing jewelry inspired by Princess Ariel are adventurous and courageous. Women who look at the beautiful world with a sense of wonder.

Princess Ariel-inspired jewelry can be gifted on different occasions, such as engagements, birthdays, Valentine's Day, and anniversaries. Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry is the perfect gift option for a girlfriend, fiancé, or spouse.

Ariel's story is about love and adventure and pursuing your dreams with the person you love. What better gift to give on an anniversary or proposal than a timeless jewelry piece that represents a courageous step in the direction of a new chapter.

Gemstones in the Princess Ariel Collection

The gemstones used to craft Princess Ariel-inspired jewelry are diamonds, amethyst, and white pearls.

The amethyst has a deep purple hue, which is a common color seen in Ariel's story. Her dress is purple, and Ursula is purple too. The purple amethyst is a beautiful reminder of courage and Ariel's playful personality.

The white pearl may seem like an obvious option in Princess Ariel-inspired jewelry. Pearls are found in the ocean and represent independence, power, and wealth. Ariel comes from a kingdom that is incredibly powerful and wealthy, yet she goes off on wild adventures asserting her independence and power as a woman.

Diamonds are often viewed as a symbol of innocence and purity. Ariel can be seen as innocent and in a lot of ways, pure too. She views the world with childlike wonder and often overlooks the cruel and threatening aspects of it. Diamond is the obvious choice for engagement rings. It is almost always the first gem that comes to mind when someone thinks about love and commitment, which is a prevalent theme in Ariel's story with Eric.

Princess Ariel Inspired Jewelry Styles

This sparking shell tiara ring is inspired by the Little Mermaid. It's perfect for adults who are still in touch with their childlike wonder of the world. This ring will stand out with its whimsical charm.

This anchor shell necklace inspired by Ariel will be an excellent gift for the woman who is an anchor in your life. It is a symbol of hope and courage, and wearing it can bring a sense of inspiration and grounding to one's day

This playful piece of Ariel-inspired jewelry is perfect to add to any girl's collection. It features sterling silver, white diamond, and purple amethyst. This would make a great Ariel-inspired birthday gift, or better yet, a surprise spontaneous gift.

These diamond and white pearl drop shell earrings are the perfect bridal earrings inspired by Ariel. Their exquisite design will make you shine on every momentous occasion

This key diamond and purple amethyst pendant necklace is sure to provide you with confidence as you wear it. It can help you unlock your full potential and guide you to follow your dreams.



1. What qualities does Princess Ariel have?
Princess Ariel is courageous, rebellious, independent, and adventurous. She is determined, proven by how she doesn't give up on what she wants - despite the hardships she encounters on her journey.

2. What do the shells symbolize for Princess Ariel?
For Princess Ariel, shells symbolize strength, resilience and the journey of life. They are feminine, as Ariel is.

3. Who would like Princess Ariel-inspired jewelry?
Any woman who is still in touch with her childlike sense of wonder for this world would like Princess Ariel inspired jewelry. Someone who values having meaning behind finely crafted jewelry pieces

4. What does the pearl symbolize?
Pearls can symbolize various things, but white pearls specifically are a symbol of innocence and beauty. They also represent new beginnings, loyalty, and purity.

5. What does amethyst symbolize?
Amethyst symbolizes the purity of the spirit, and it also represents wisdom, tranquility, and balance.