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Now that you’ve found your pair, it’s time to take the next step. What better way to seal your love and perfect pairing than with a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring?
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Now that you’ve found your pair, it’s time to take the next step. What better way to seal your love and perfect pairing than with a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring?

A pear-cut diamond perfectly symbolizes the coming together of two individuals. After all, the pear shape showcases the harmonious blend of two different diamond cuts – the round and marquise cut. A pear-shaped or pear-cut diamond has a rounded lower half similar to a round diamond, and a pointed top half similar to a marquise diamond. The combination creates the shape of a falling tear or the bottom-heavy pear fruit. 

Pear-shaped diamonds are loved for their distinct brilliance and charming look. They’re delicate yet bold, classic yet trendy, and romantic yet edgy. Pear-shape diamonds on engagement rings look eye-catching. The elongated shape and tapered outline make them appear more prominent than other diamond cuts.

What’s also lovely about pear-shaped diamonds is that they pair well with many different metals, side stones, ring styles, and settings. 

Pear-cut diamonds are traditionally set in a north-south (vertical) or east-west (horizontal) orientation. However, today’s trend-setting diamond rings for women feature pear-cut diamonds in a diagonal, off-angle position. 

Diamonds in teardrop shape lend themselves beautifully to both simple and ornate ring styles. They look amazing with step-cuts, round diamonds, ovals, and colored gemstones. And here’s even better news: there is a pear-cut diamond ring for every bride-to-be. 

Romantic extroverts who enjoy deep conversations may find Pear-shaped Diamond Solitaire Rings appealing. Pear-shaped halo diamond engagement rings attract outgoing, confident, yet deeply romantic women who prefer their bling to be brilliant and unique. Whimsical engagement rings with colored pear-cut gemstones or themed bands resonate well with adventurous trendsetters. 

At Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry, you can conveniently find the pear-shaped diamond engagement ring of her dreams. We offer natural and lab-grown pear-cut diamonds mounted on different ring settings. Ring customization is available, with options to select the diamond weight, metal accent color, and ring size.


Are teardrop diamonds and pear-cut diamonds the same?

Yes, they are the same. The pear-cut has a rounded bottom and a pointed top, similar to the silhouette of a teardrop. The terms pear-cut and teardrop when referring to diamonds are interchangeable. 

Is a pear-cut diamond good for an engagement ring?

Yes, a pear-cut diamond is an exquisite choice for an engagement ring. It is elegant, brilliant, and flattering. It also looks larger than a round cut because of its elongated shape and larger top surface. 

What is the best ring setting for a pear-cut diamond?

The halo, bezel, and solitaire setting best showcase the sophisticated silhouette of a pear-cut diamond. A three-prong setting can securely hold pear-cut diamonds below 3 carats, while pear-cut diamonds of higher carat weight will be more protected on a bezel or a 5-prong setting. 

What does a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring symbolize?

The unmistakable shape of the pear cut conveys individuality, confidence, independence, and empowerment. It can also symbolize the commitment of two different individuals to form a lasting partnership. A pear-cut diamond engagement ring can also signify an uncommon love story that defies conventions and expectations.

What does a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring say about you?

Engagement rings with a pear-shaped diamond typically appeal to women who prefer offbeat fashion but still desire to maintain a conservative sense of style. This unconventional yet understated diamond cut stands out without overshadowing the other beautiful elements of a ring. Similarly, wearers of pear-shaped diamond engagement rings are known for their strong will, courage, sentimentality, and humility. 

Shop at Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry today for stunning teardrop engagement rings. 

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