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Princess Merida's Inspired Jewelry

Princess Merida's Inspired Jewelry

The Disney Princess Merida-inspired jewelry line by Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry emulates Princess Merida's courage, love, and boldness that she showcases in Disney's movie Brave. This collection dazzles with a mixture of metals, diamonds and intensely-colored jewels

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Enchanted Disney's Merida Jewelry Collection is strong and bold, just like the Princess. As a skilled archer, Merida's bow and arrow symbolize her determination to forge her own path in life and choose her own direction.<

Enchanted Disney Princess Merida Jewelry

Never give up, aim high, stay true and you'll hit your target in life. These are the lessons the Princess Merida teaches us, and the Enchanted Disney jewelry line represents just that. The unique designs feature Princess Merida's motifs, such as a bow and arrow, heart, and key as well as sparkling diamonds and vivid topaz. The Enchanted Disney Princess Merida collection has dazzling earrings, necklaces, and rings for all occasions (engagement rings and promise rings), representing the strength, boldness, and fire of Merida's personality.


The Enchanted Disney Princess Merida line features high-quality metals, such as sterling silver as well as yellow, rose, and white gold to ensure these timeless pieces last a lifetime. Some items come in 10K while others are 14K, so your special jewelry is durable, resists scratches and can be worn for years.


The Princess Merida pieces feature a variety of gemstones like diamonds, green tourmaline, swiss blue and topaz. The vivid blue topaz symbolizes courage, while the diamonds represent her strength and vibrance. Green tourmaline is said to attract luck and represent growth, and it's the same color as Princess Merida's dress. Swiss blue topaz is called the "stone of clarity". Hence, it's appropriate that several pieces incorporate this vivacious stone as a nod to Princess Merida's authenticity and belief in her own power and independence.


There are a few stunning necklaces that stand out in this collection featuring diamonds, green tourmaline, Swiss blue topaz and topaz. First is a Bow and Arrow Diamond necklace featuring a jewel that stands for strength and power. Reflecting the unconventional princess' fierce character, this necklace is not like the usual sweet and feminine type. The sculpted bow and arrow are beautifully decorated with just the right amount of sparkle from diamonds. Touching the tip of the arrow is a pear-shaped swiss blue topaz that completes the daring yet delicate look of this piece.

Another necklace is the diamond and swiss blue topaz Merida key pendant necklace. This is the key you need to achieve freedom and be in total control of shaping your own destiny. Let this necklace inspired by Merida's tale inspire you to be brave, unafraid, and determined to stand up for what you believe in.

Finally, check out the Enchanted Disney sterling silver diamond accent Merida dancing pendant necklace. You can honor a loved one's courage with this Merida necklace from Disney's Brave. This sterling silver necklace features a round Celtic pattern with a dancing diamond on its center, and its simplistic beauty accurately depicts Merida's headstrong personality. Consider this necklace a symbolic piece of fine jewelry to celebrate fearlessness, encourage bravery and boost self-esteem. Perfect as a gift for someone you love or as a treat for yourself.

Disney Princess Merida Jewelry Disney Princess Merida Jewelry


The Princess Merida Enchanted Disney rings feature fine metals and high-quality jewels. The 10K white gold and diamond topaz Merida trio ring set is elegant and breathtaking. This trio set features three 10k white gold bands all adorned with 1/4 carat total weight of diamonds. One band sparkles with brilliant topaz gemstones in a luxe sea blue hue. This ring would make an unforgettable engagement or wedding ring. 

Another ring to look at is a Merida-inspired 10K yellow gold and diamond bow and arrow ring. Worn alone or stacked with your other favorite bling, this ring is sure to make a statement. It eloquently speaks about Merida's bravery and having the courage to face fears, take risks, and embrace change in order to achieve your dreams.


f you're looking for versatile earrings, the Enchanted Disney 14K yellow gold and diamond Merida arrow earrings make an impressive gift. They're a dainty pair of arrow earrings in yellow gold delicately dotted by diamonds. The earrings symbolize determination and courage to move forward. Wear these classic earrings as the focus or as studs in your second piercing.

Grab a piece of Enchanted Disney jewelry (or a couple) from this limited-edition collection before it sells out!


1. What qualities does Merida have?
Merida is stubborn, courageous, strong with a big heart and plenty of fire.

2. What occasions can I gift Merida-inspired jewelry on?
Enchanted Disney's Princess Merida jewelry line makes an ideal gift for any occasion (birthday, mother's day, anniversary) when you want to give a thoughtful, timeless, and sentimental token of your feelings. Adults of all ages would appreciate a piece of Princess Merida jewelry!

3. What does topaz symbolize?
The vivid blue topaz symbolizes Princess Merida's courage.

4. What does the heart symbolize for Merida?
Merida loves her family deeply, and the heart represents the love she has to offer.