Disney princesses

A Guide to Disney Princesses

A Guide to Disney Princesses

One of the most essential elements of the Disney world are the Disney Princesses. While many of these princesses have been around for years, or even decades, they continue to inspire people everywhere with their charismatic personalities, charm, wit, and strength.

Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry’s Disney Princess collections allow you to bring home a piece of beautiful jewelry inspired by your favorite princess. Each collection is inspired by the personality, clothing, and story of the princess to give you a piece you’ll be excited to wear.

Princess Anna

Enchanted Disney’s Princess Anna jewelry collection is inspired by her warm personality amid her frozen surroundings. The contrast between the two is shown through many pieces showcasing a mix of silver, and rose gold, mixing cool tones with warm. You will also find many rhodolite garnets throughout Princess Anna’s collection, which reflect her rosy outlook on life. The diamonds in certain pieces reflect the frozen world around her.

The Princess Anna line includes sterling silver rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond necklaces, and beautiful earrings. You’ll find intricate wheat designs throughout the collection, meant to showcase Princess Anna’s generosity.

Disney Princess Anna Jewelry

Princess Ariel

Enchanted Disney has pulled together a beautiful combination of land and sea inspiration with the Princess Ariel jewelry collection. You will find a mix of sterling silver and 10K rose gold throughout this collection, meant to reflect the shimmering beauty of the ocean. Most pieces have a combination of brilliant diamonds and purple amethysts to reflect both the crashing of the ocean waves and Princess Ariel’s signature purple seashell top. You’ll also find beautiful pearls, the ocean’s gemstone.

The Princess Ariel line has diamond engagement rings, diamond necklaces and earrings, and sterling silver rings. You will find beautiful designs, including seashells, which reflect Princess Ariel’s signature style, as well as anchors to pay homage to her sea roots.

Disney Princess Ariel Jewelry

Princess Aurora

The Princess Aurora jewelry collection was designed with the princess’s tiara in mind, showcasing its romantic elegance. You will find the fleur-de-lis throughout this collection, meant to showcase Sleeping Beauty’s grace and nobility. The gentleness of her spirit is shown through the pink quartz, tourmaline, and morganites. These are combined with brilliant diamonds in a mixture of sterling silver, and 10K rose gold, giving off a subtle and elegant appearance, like the princess herself.

The Princess Aurora collection includes diamond engagement rings, sterling silver rings, diamond necklaces, and various earring styles. Each piece was designed to give off a beautiful, romantic appearance, much like the mood surrounding Princess Aurora’s story.

Disney Princess Aurora Jewelry

Princess Belle

You simply cannot have a Princess Belle jewelry collection without including beautiful rose details on many pieces. This line is designed to pay tribute to the all-important encased rose in Princess Belle’s story. You will find pieces that show off her adventurous, brave, and selfless personality, each piece as beautiful as her love story.

The timeless beauty that Princess Belle portrays calls for simple yet elegant stones, which is why you will find brilliant diamonds throughout this collection. The diamonds are set in a mixture of sterling silver, and rose gold, meant to showcase the rose details in each piece. The Princess Belle collection includes diamond engagement rings, sterling silver rings, diamond necklaces, and various earring styles. The styles available are as timeless as the tale that inspired them.

Disney Princess Belle Jewelry

Princess Cinderella

Enchanted Disney’s Princess Cinderella jewelry line was created to provide jewelry pieces as magical as Princess Cinderella’s story. Design elements include pieces crafted after Princess Cinderella’s glass slipper, carriage, and the clock she raced against to dance with her Prince Charming.

The glass slipper is also showcased using brilliant diamonds throughout this collection. Tasteful additions of blue topaz in many pieces pay tribute to Princess Cinderella’s gorgeous blue ballgown. Most pieces showcase sterling silver, though you will find touches of 14K gold and 10K rose gold that add depth. The Princess Cinderella collection includes diamond engagement rings, earrings, silver necklaces, and silver rings of varying designs.

Disney Princess Cinderella Jewelry

Princess Elsa

The Princess Elsa jewelry collection wouldn’t be complete without beautiful snowflakes being included in many of the pieces. You’ll find many snowflakes created with a mix of diamonds and aquamarine to showcase the icy wonderland that Princess Elsa created, as well as her icy powers.

Most of the Princess Elsa line is made with sterling silver, which helps bring together the icy appearance of the collection. However, you’ll find small accents of 10K rose gold, meant to show the warmth that helps thaw the frozen winter – the warmth of Princess Elsa’s love for her sister. The diamond engagement rings, necklaces, and earrings will all shine as bright as the fearless princess who inspired them.

Disney Princess Elsa Jewelry

Princess Jasmine

The Princess Jasmine jewelry collection was inspired by the magic carpet ride and all-around enchantment in the world of Aladdin. Many pieces feature designs inspired by lotus flowers, meant to reflect Princess Jasmine’s strength, confidence, and beauty, both inside and out. You can also find pieces with magic lamps designed to showcase the lamp used to bring the genie into her world.

The Princess Jasmine collection includes beautiful diamonds and striking Swiss Blue Topaz, which are meant to reflect the beautiful architecture found in Princess Jasmine’s surroundings. Many pieces are sterling silver, though you’ll find accents of 10K and 14K gold, meant to pay tribute to the jewelry Princess Jasmine wears. This line includes gorgeous diamond engagement rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Disney Princess Jasmine Jewelry

Disney Majestic Princess

The Disney Majestic Princess jewelry collection is designed to showcase all the beautiful, elegant aspects of being a Disney princess. While not showcasing one specific princess, you’ll find pieces here inspired by tiaras and crowns, castles, and all the elegant enchantment that will help bring the world of Disney princesses into your everyday world.

This collection is brought to life through sparkling diamonds and white topaz, which help create an elegant appearance fit for the princess inside everyone. You’ll find a variety of pieces, including diamond engagement rings, sterling silver rings, earrings, and necklaces.

Disney Majestic Princess Jewelry

Princess Merida

The Princess Merida jewelry collection is inspired by her bravery and courageous outlook on life. You will find her bow and arrow in a stunning mix of sterling silver and gold throughout this collection. In addition, dazzling diamonds are used to reflect her strength, and the stunning Swiss blue topaz showcases her courage.

The Princess Merida collection has necklaces, rings, and earrings of various styles. No matter which piece you pick from this collection, they all will help you show off your inner bravery!

Disney Princess Merida Jewelry

Princess Mulan

The Princess Mulan jewelry collection brings together a stunning combination of strength and femininity, just like the princess herself. The beautiful plum blossoms showcased in many of the pieces are meant to reflect perseverance and hope. There are also pieces showcasing dragonflies and bamboo, which symbolize the relationship between grace and strength.

You’ll also find diamonds, which are meant to show strength, and stunning garnet gems, which symbolize adventure (and are said to keep you safe when you travel!). This line includes diamond engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and rings.

Disney Princess Mulan Jewelry

Princess Pocahontas

Enchanted Disney’s Princess Pocahontas line channels the free spirit that this princess is known for. You’ll find a variety of earthly elements that are both close to nature and elegant in appearance. Many pieces have silver and gold feathers, showcasing our connection to the Earth and nature.

The stunning gems in this collection are meant to show off impressive earth tones, including smoky quartz and turquoise. These colors also pay tribute to Princess Pocahontas’s clothing throughout her journey. You can choose from diamond engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and rings in this collection.

Disney Princess Pocahontas Jewelry

Princess Rapunzel

The Princess Rapunzel jewelry collection showcases her radiant personality and perseverance. You’ll find many pieces in this collection that are inspired by the Rampion Bellflower that gives Princess Rapunzel her powers. The color of the flower is also seen using gorgeous Rose de France amethyst.

If the flower isn’t your preferred symbol, you can choose a piece that pays homage to her sun symbol through a stunning combination of sterling silver, 10K gold, and diamonds. You can choose a wonderful necklace, earrings, rings, or engagement rings to show off your inner Princess Rapunzel!

Disney Princess Rapunzel Jewelry

Princess Snow White

When designing the Princess Snow White collection, the inspiration came from her signature red bow. You’ll find stunning uses of garnet throughout this collection, meant to show off her bow and the famous red apple. Diamonds are also included in this collection to reflect her sparkly personality.

You’ll find a variety of design shapes in this line, including Princess Snow White’s bow, the apple, and the mirror. Mixes of sterling silver, 10K rose gold, and 10K gold help add dimension to these stunning pieces. Choose from diamond engagement rings, necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Disney Princess Snow White Jewelry

Princess Tiana

The Princess Tiana jewelry collection takes inspiration from her surroundings to create stunning pieces. You’ll find water lilies and frogs throughout this collection, paying tribute to the journey Princess Tiana goes on. You’ll find more frog inspiration using verdant green peridot and green amethysts mixed in with brilliant diamonds.

When wearing pieces from the Princess Tiana collection, you’ll be reminded that you can achieve your dreams just like she does. You can choose from many beautiful styles, including diamond engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, and rings.

Disney Princess Tiana Jewelry

Princess Tinker Bell

Enchanted Disney’s Princess Tinker Bell jewelry line shows off magical adventure in every piece. Many of these pieces have Tinker Bell herself, with diamonds meant to resemble the fairy dust on her wings. You’ll also find shooting stars made of sterling silver and 10K gold and gorgeous magic wands.

Other gemstones pay tribute to Princess Tinker Bell’s dress, including emeralds and green tourmaline. These elements work together to create a truly enchanted line of diamond engagement rings, earrings, rings, and necklaces.

Disney Princess Tinker Bell Jewelry

Princess Moana

The Princess Moana jewelry collection is a true tropical paradise. You’ll find a beautiful mix of waves, greenery, and tropical flowers throughout this line created through diamonds and lapis lazuli. There are also necklaces designed to reflect the style of Princess Moana’s pendant necklace she wears on her quest.

Stunning mixtures of sterling silver, 10K rose gold, and 14K gold help create dimensions as impressive as the ocean itself. In addition to the necklaces, you can also choose wave-inspired rings and tree-inspired earrings!

Disney Princess Moana Jewelry


Regardless of which Disney Princess you love most, you’re guaranteed to find a beautiful piece of jewelry from Enchanted Disney’s princess collections. Channel your inner princess today by choosing a piece of jewelry that showcases the princess you aspire to be!