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Design inspiration

The winter wonderland of Disney’s Frozen comes alive in Elsa’s Jewelry Collection with designs inspired by snowflakes, with their beautiful crystalline symmetry. Sparkling diamonds and aquamarine add icy brilliance that will never melt, symbolizing Elsa’s unbreakable spirit. Let go of your fears and shine bright.

Elsa engagement rings

Let love warm your heart with this romantic Elsa engagement ring inspired by the enchanted arctic world of Disney’s Frozen. Icy diamonds are ready to melt and open the door to love. As unique as a snowflake, each Elsa Engagement Ring celebrates your power and individuality.

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Exquisite Design
& Craftsmanship

She knows that it takes strength to let others in and be vulnerable. Her elegance and style inspires those around her. 

The cool tones of diamond and aquamarine are the perfect complement to her regal confidence. Her Elsa jewelry makes a statement that she is powerful and unique.

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