Enchanted Disney
Enchanted Disney
I have Magic Hair That glows When I Sing

Kidnapped by Mother Gothel and trapped in a remote tower since she was a baby Rapunzel, now 18 years old, has seventy feet of long, magical, golden hair. As she grows up, she wonders about the significance of the floating lights that appear in the sky each year, Rapunzel knows it’s her birthday, she just doesn’t know the lights are specifically for her.

“All at One, Everything Is Different Now That I See You”

When the notorious bandit Flynn Rider hides out in her tower, she sees her chance to finally explore the outside world.

Bounty hunters seeking Flynn chase them, but they escape thanks to Rapunzel’s resourcefulness and her magical hair. Later, Rapunzel discovers that the lights are lanterns, released every year by her parents, who have never given up on finding her. She finds her way back to the castle, with the help of Flynn, and is reunited with her family.

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Dare to let your hair down with Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry necklaces, rings and earrings inspired by Rapunzel. Her sun symbol is radiant in polished gold and silver. Pale pink Rose de France amethyst expresses her artistic side and diamonds sparkle with her energetic spirit. Wear them and let your light shine.

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Enchanted Disney
Enchanted Disney

Which Disney Princess are you?

When life gives her challenges, she stays true to herself. She’s energetic and resourceful, interested in making things and helping others. She is adventurous, artistic, and fun, inspiring everyone to reach for the sun. Rapunzel designs express her adventurous and creative spirit.

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Enchanted Disney
Enchanted Disney