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Princess Pocahontas Inspired Jewelry

Princess Pocahontas Inspired Jewelry

Pocahontas was also called by the name Matoaka, as well as Amonute. She was born in 1596, near what is now called Jamestown, in Virginia, in the U.S. She was said to have died in March 1617, in Gravesend, Kent, England. She was known as a Powhatan woman who brought peace between the English colonists and the Native Americans. Her father was a Powhatan Chief who headed the tribe of 28 settlements. The real Pocahontas story originated in Virginia, USA.

Princess Pocahontas had many different personality traits. She was responsible as she watched out for the animals in the forest. She was adventurous and explored as much as she could in her surrounding areas. She was appreciative of the world and all it has to offer, and she was spiritual, because she realized that there was more to life than just what she saw. Her core strengths and abilities included wisdom and nobility, among other traits.

Disney's Pocahontas Jewelry Collection

Every creation in this assortment celebrates the beauty of the natural world and the very elegant Pocahontas. There were several common motifs in the story of Pocahontas that meant more than they represented, and the same have been used in this collection. The willow tree, for example, was a symbol of life and fertility. The willow tree can grow from a single branch. Its use symbolized the ways in which we can grow and survive in any situation. Grandmother Willow served as an advisor to Pocahontas, and she was considered an old, wise figure.

Throughout our history, keys have been used to lock or open doors. The key in the movie represented power, knowledge, initiation, and mystery.

The Powhatan women were well-beloved; they had spiritual power and would wear white feathers, which signified their power.

The medallion symbol in Pocahontas symbolized the connection that the Powhatan people shared with their tribe and the earth. Pocahontas' father gave her the necklace, which belonged to her mother, then told her that one day, her people would look to her as she is the daughter of the chief.

The symbolism of feathers normally represents angels, wind, or a connection to a higher power. Feathers are gifts from the birds of the universe, divine in nature and allude to the fact that your desires, prayers, and wishes are being acknowledged.

The feather tiara has a similar symbolic meaning and capability.

Who Would Enjoy Pocahontas Inspired Jewelry?

The type of woman who would wear jewelry that is inspired by Princess Pocahontas are women who possess similar traits as her. These women are not only wise, but sophisticated, noble, brave, athletic, skillful, and strong. These women will be insightful and knowledgeable; they are loyal, playful, and jovial.


The metals that are used to craft Princess Pocahontas diamond ring, Pocahontas bracelet and other Pocahontas jewelry are sterling silver, white gold, and yellow gold. Silver possesses a timeless quality that makes it one of the choice metals that is used. These are considered fine metals because they are made from precious metals. Fine jewelry is lasting and durable; because of this it can be worn on a daily basis. These metals are also known as high luster metals.


The gemstones used in the Pocahontas-inspired jewelry include diamonds, turquoise and smoky quartz. They represent her stories and the different virtues that are seen in the movie. These stones are said to be calming and soothing, and they were also used in the form of jewelry by Native Americans. The Pocahontas turquoise necklace is sacred, as it was a gift from her late mother. This stone was chosen because it has been said that turquoise brings good luck and good fortune to the one who possesses it. Other gems encourage self-meditation, self-reflection, and to dissolve negative energy. When used in our fine jewelry, these gems transform the creations into magnificent adornments that remind you that we're all connected to each other and the earth.

Impressive Designs in the Pocahontas Jewelry Collection

Dare to amaze with this Pocahontas feather pendant necklace. The necklace is made from Sterling Silver and has 1/15 CT T.W. diamonds. It's one of a kind and a perfect gift for that special occasion.

Get a Pocahontas necklace that you can wear all year round with this Enchanted Disney Pocahontas jewelry, 14k yellow gold over sterling silver pendant necklace. The Disney Pocahontas necklace comes with a Pocahontas pendant has 1/10 CT T.W. diamonds, and is accentuated with a smoky quartz Pocahontas medallion. This medallion provides balancing and protective energy. Smoky quartz, especially when used in a key pendant, gives the wearer uplifting and soothing energy.

This beautiful Pocahontas ring combines diamonds, smoky quartz and turquoise to give it a beautiful, yet enchanting look and feel. It is made with sterling silver with 1/10 CT T.W. diamonds with smoky quartz and turquoise. The result is a must-have addition to your Pocahontas jewelry collection.

All anniversary bands are not made equal, and it is proven with this Enchanted Disney fine 10k yellow gold Pocahontas feather anniversary band with 1/10 CTTW diamonds. It is versatile and can be worn for extended periods. This beautiful keepsake is perfect for your Pocahontas collection.

As a woman, you can never have too many Pocahontas earrings and this beautiful, yet meaningful keepsake is a must-have. The Princess Pocahontas earrings are crafted with 10k yellow gold and have 1/5 CTTW diamonds down the center. These diamond Pocahontas earrings are beautiful and can be worn with any outfit or for any occasion.



1. What qualities does Pocahontas have?
The qualities that Pocahontas possesses include nobility, bravery, compassion for people and animals, wisdom, understanding, spiritual knowledge, and a big heart. She was also responsible and adventurous.

2. What does Pocahontas-inspired engagement ring look like?
A Pocahontas engagement ring looks beautiful. It is gold, surrounded by diamonds and has a smoky quartz center stone. The Disney Pocahontas ring can last for decades and will still look as new as it did when it was first bought.

3. What does Smokey Quartz symbolize
Smoky quartz symbolizes grounding and letting go of the wounds of the past. It uses light energy to provide a soothing, uplifting, and free-spirited feeling.

4. Who would like Princess Pocahontas-inspired jewelry
Disney Princess Pocahontas jewelry is great for people who possess similar qualities as she does. People who are free-spirited and love nature and all that it has to offer.

5. What does the feather symbolize for Princess Pocahontas?
The feather symbolizes freedom and a free spirit that roams without any restrictions and boundaries.