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Princess Rapunzel Inspired Jewelry

Princess Rapunzel Inspired Jewelry

The exquisite Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry range features an array of dazzling products inspired by the Tangled heroine. Many of the wonderful pieces showcase distinctive motifs and symbols synonymous with Princess Rapunzel.

The Sun

The sun represents Rapunzel and Corona – her island kingdom. A single drop of the sun created the magical flower, and the sun signifies the Princess’s cheerfulness, inner beauty, and strength of character. In Disney’s Rapunzel-inspired jewelry collection you’ll come across several pieces that feature sun motifs.

Magical Flower (Rampion Bellflower)

Rapunzel is personified by the Rampion Bellflower, a magical bloom renowned for its healing properties and ability to delay aging. The Rapunzel-inspired flower pendant from the Enchanted Disney range showcases the beautiful flower

Golden Hair

Rapunzel’s long, luscious hair shares the magical capabilities of the Rampion Bellflower, hence Mother Gothel’s keenness to get her hands on it!

The Key

Mother Gothel repeatedly tells Rapunzel that it is safer to remain in the locked tower, but as time goes by, Rapunzel starts to dream of venturing outside. The stunning Rapunzel key pendant necklace features the key – a symbol of empowerment and finding the courage to step outside your comfort zone.

Floating Lantern

Floating lanterns also feature heavily in the story of Princess Rapunzel. Each year on Rapunzel’s birthday, her parents light and release lanterns. Rapunzel doesn’t realize the lanterns are for her but notices them from her window in the tower.

Jewelry Inspired by Princess Rapunzel

Princess Rapunzel’s beauty, tenacity, and thirst for life shine through as the inspiration behind this collection. The extensive range includes stunning items, including Rapunzel earrings featuring the pretty tiaras and other distinctive symbols

You might prefer to check out a dazzling Disney Rapunzel necklace or Rapunzel bracelet. There are several beautiful designs, including a pretty Rose-de-France key pendant and a bracelet featuring the dazzling sun.

Princess Rapunzel-inspired jewelry is perfect for sophisticated, stylish women and would make a wonderful gift for someone special. Earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces from this assortment will put a smile on their face, whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or any other occasion. Thinking of tying the knot? Then a Princess Rapunzel engagement ring could be the perfect accompaniment to your proposal.

Introducing Disney Rapunzel Jewelry

The Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Range features a variety of stunning pieces. Let’s look at a handful of the beautiful items on offer.

Enchanted Disney Rose-de-France Rapunzel Ring

Enchanted Disney Rose-de-France Rapunzel Ring

A 14K rose gold Rapunzel crown ring set over sterling silver. The Tangled Rapunzel ring features a tiara set with 1/10cttw diamonds. The Enchanted Rose-de-France Disney Rapunzel Ring is a stunning piece.

Enchanted Disney Diamond and Rose De France Rapunzel Dangle Earrings

Enchanted Disney Diamond and Rose De France Rapunzel Dangle Earrings

Featuring a 14kt rose gold finish and fashioned from sterling silver, these Enchanted Disney Diamond and Rose De France Rapunzel Dangle Earrings are fit for a princess. The earrings also feature Rose De France and 1/10 cttw diamonds.

Enchanted Disney Dancing Diamond Rapunzel Pendant Necklace

Enchanted Disney Dancing Diamond Rapunzel Pendant Necklace

The Enchanted Disney Dancing Diamond Princess Rapunzel Necklace is fashioned from sterling silver and features a 1/20 cttw diamond. The pendant is shaped to resemble the Kingdom of Corona’s crest and it serves as a reminder to face your fears and embrace the light.

Enchanted Disney Rapunzel Sun Blaze Earrings

Enchanted Disney Rapunzel Sun Blaze Earrings

These pretty Enchanted Disney Princess Rapunzel Earrings stand out. 10k yellow gold sunburst studs with a 1/10 cttw central circular solitaire diamond; the earrings are a symbolic reminder to always chase your dreams.

Enchanted Disney Rapunzel Sun Bracelet

Enchanted Disney Rapunzel Sun Bracelet

Strikingly minimalistic, this Enchanted Disney Rapunzel Sun Bracelet is crafted from 10k yellow gold and would make a lovely gift. The bracelet features a 0.03 cttw sun and will dazzle on your wrist.

Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry FAQ

We’ve checked out a few wonderful examples from the Enchanted Jewelry range and explored Rapunzel’s story in Disney’s Tangled. Let’s answer a few more key questions:

1. What qualities does Rapunzel have?
Rapunzel is brave and plucky but can also be trusting and naïve. She has a cheery, optimistic nature and is keen to get better acquainted with the outside world.

2. What does Rapunzel’s engagement ring look like?
The Rapunzel engagement ring is a magical piece, featuring a 14k rose gold band with 1 cttw diamonds. If you’re seeking a happy ever after, this is perfect.

3. What does Rose-de-France Amethyst symbolize?
A delicate lilac, the Rose-de-France symbolizes peace, serenity, and healing.

4. When should I gift Rapunzel-inspired jewelry?
A Rapunzel gift would be perfect for a loved one’s birthday, anniversary, as a thank you gift, or to cement a union, such as an engagement or wedding.

5. What does the Magical Flower (Rampion Bellflower) symbolize?
The key to Rapunzel’s magical hair, the Rampion Bellflower, is linked to healing, beauty, and youthfulness.

Take a look at Exquisite Enchanted Disney Rapunzel Jewelry for Yourself

Whether you want to treat yourself to an exquisite Princess Rapunzel ring, a stunning Rapunzel pendant necklace, bracelet, or earrings, you’ll find the perfect piece in the Enchanted Disney range. If you’re going to propose, do it in style with a Tangled engagement ring, and on the big day and finish off the look with a Rapunzel wedding ring. Perfect for a Princess!