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Which Disney Villain are you?

Spells, curses & magic mirrors - Villains know how to accessorize the elegance in power. Discover your inner confidence with Ursula’s flamboyant designs. Be protected with Maleficent’s thorn and wings, and find the fairest styles of them all with Evil Queen.

You rule your world with a take-no-prisoners attitude. Naturally you are drawn to villains instead of princesses because they have a lot more fun. You are a rebel who breaks the rules and create your own style. The Evil Queen’s heart and dagger is the perfect symbol of you willingness to discard convention and break some hearts.

You value strength, complexity, and making your own destiny. You see the beauty in the shadows and that light and darkness are part of one whole. You sympathize with those who struggle to overcome life’s challenges. You recognizes that when broken things are mended, they sometimes become stronger.

You aren’t afraid to break the rules. Your personality is big and has a zest for life. You know what you want and work to get it. You at home are the center for attention and everyone is drawn to her magnetic personality. You can be competitive and enjoy out maneuvering the rest of the field. You appreciate the finer things in life.