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A Guide to Disney Inspired Promise Rings

A Guide to Disney Inspired Promise Rings

Love comes before the wedding, so why not celebrate it early, too? That’s exactly what a promise ring does.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, people are unable to get married right away –– which is where the promise ring comes in. Young couples who are finishing school or focusing on their careers, for example, might not have the means to tie the knot right away, but they can gift each other a pre-engagement ring as a sign of their commitment and loyalty to each other. Somewhat a modern invention, a promise ring symbolizes your love for someone, and it can also signify your intention to eventually marry them.

Not all promise rings are exclusively romantic, however. Some parents choose to gift them to their children as a reminder of their filial love for them, and friends sometimes also gift them to each other. In essence, a promise ring honors the love that exists between people.

Popular Styles and Designs

If you’re in love and looking for cute promise rings that’ll let your partner know that you’re devoted to them, this selection has just what you need. Every piece featured here is inspired by the beauty and charm of Disney princesses, like Belle, Ariel, and Cinderella. You’ll notice that some creations showcase a sophisticated split-shank design, while others have floral patterns that radiate a love that forever blooms. The presence of glittering diamonds makes the promise ring a truly priceless possession that’ll be cherished forever.

Overall, this particular piece of jewelry is a great way to express a pivotal moment in your relationship. It can be worn on the right or left hand, depending on your preference.

As mentioned earlier, promise rings are not just meant for couples in a romantic relationship. They can also be gifted to any person you deeply care about. With a price range starting in the mid $200s, they are reasonably affordable and a beautiful way to let someone know how special they are to you.

Popular Metals for Promise Rings

Because promise rings are typically somewhat casual and informal, they come in all shapes and sizes. Almost anything can be a promise ring as long as you want it to be –– what matters is the sentiment. But all jewelry is meant to be beautiful, and we’re going to help you pick the best material.

White Gold

The standard for elegance and simplicity, a white gold ring is a safe choice. 24kt gold rings are some of the purest rings available but damage easily, not the ideal choice for those with active lifestyles. On the other hand, an 18K gold ring is more durable, and a 14kt white gold ring will last even longer.10K gold is a great choice for those looking for affordability and durability with the beautiful shine of fine metal.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold bands are the quintessential and most popular of rings. The yellow finish is a fashionable finish that pairs well with any outfit and never goes out of style.

Yellow gold wedding bands are slightly less durable than those made out of white gold or platinum. One advantage unique to choosing a honey, warm color is that it is simply timeless and instantly classic. Available in 10K, 14K, and 18K, yellow gold is a versatile metal that is always in fashion.

Rose Gold

Rose gold promise rings are having a moment right now. The metal composition consists of pure gold combined with the copper that imbues it with reddish tones, though it requires more polishing and cleaning to maintain its pinkish hues. Also available in 10K, 14K and 18K, rose gold is a romantic choice that looks gorgeous against all skin tones.

Black Rhodium

Looking for something even more unique and chic? Black Rhodium is a stunning choice that highlights the beauty of the gems and diamonds set within it. Black rhodium is set over sterling silver for a special, lustrous look. Mix and match with metals like rose gold for a look that pops even more. Sturdy and durable, this finish will stand the test of time for daily wear.

Sterling Silver

Affordability meets beauty when it comes to Sterling Silver. Not only is this metal durable and perfect to pair with any gemstone, it is also hypoallergenic. This means that you can wear it or gift it with peace of mind. Silver brings out the shine in diamonds and puts the glow of colored gems front and center.

Disney Inspired Promise Rings

Promise rings and fairy tales go hand-in-hand –– which is why Disney-inspired promise rings are such a hit. Think of Belle, for example, and how her story teaches us to look past the surface. Or think of Elsa and how she shows us that other bonds are just as meaningful as romantic relationships –– she’s a great motif for a promise ring between siblings or friends.

If you have any Disney aficionados in your life, or if you want to surprise a childhood friend, a promise ring is a nice touch. Let us show you some promise rings for her:

Enchanted Disney Elsa Snowflake Ring

Enchanted Disney Elsa Snowflake Ring

The Elsa ring is a sleek, icy design in 10kt white gold. We recommend this one for those women in your life who are very independent and forward-minded, much like Elsa herself.

Enchanted Disney Snow White Ring

Enchanted Disney Snow White Ring

This 10kt, white and rose gold ring is simply stunning. The simple promise ring features a lovely centerpiece consisting of diamonds resting on a rose gold bow accent –– a great piece for girls who carry themselves humbly but still like a little sparkle.

Enchanted Disney Cinderella Ring

Enchanted Disney Cinderella Ring

A 10K white gold ring is simply timeless. At the center of this particular ring is a halo of diamonds surrounding one huge, sparkly diamond quite reminiscent of Cinderella’s shiny shoes. This is a great gift for those with feminine, fashion-forward styles.

Enchanted Disney Belle Rose Ring

Enchanted Disney Belle Rose Ring

This Belle-inspired price is probably one of the most elegant in the collection. The 14k white and rose gold band blends seamlessly and features a cluster of diamonds at the very center –– delicate and powerful at once.

Enchanted Disney Ariel Ring

Enchanted Disney Ariel Ring

This glimmering, 10K ring in white and rose gold finish is inspired by the princess of the ocean herself. If your special someone loves the beach, consider diamond promise rings such as this one. It features a diamond band that shimmers just as much as the clearest of waters.


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1. What is a promise ring?
A promise ring is a type of ring you give to someone you love, whether as a lover or just as a friend or relative. It symbolizes your commitment to having them in your life and your hope for more time spent together.

2. What finger does a promise ring go on?
A promise ring usually goes on the left hand’s fourth finger, especially if it is worn in anticipation for a future wedding.

3. When should you give a promise ring?
You should give someone a promise ring when you feel comfortable doing so. You should keep in mind that everyone moves at a different pace and just focus on being true to your feelings.

4. How much does a promise ring usually cost?
Promise rings vary in price depending on a number of factors, including design and material. However, they’re typically inexpensive and can be found for around $200. There are also some cheap promise rings available

5. What are some popular Disney characters that have inspired promise rings?
Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, and Elsa have all been sources of inspiration for promise rings. They remind us that love really conquers it all!