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Jewelry Inspired by Princess Cinderella

Jewelry Inspired by Princess Cinderella

At 20 years old, Princess Cinderella is the oldest Disney princess. Her story is backed with several moral lessons that remain relevant today – 72 years after it was made famous by the Disney animation.

Cinderella went through the most harrowing situations. There was nothing that her stepsisters or stepmother didn’t try to do to bring her down. However, she held her head high through it all.

Today, women worldwide draw strength and inspiration from this fairy tale. Globally, many women revere the idea of a Cinderella gift, whether it is as a necklace, promise ring, bracelet, earring, or engagement ring.

 At Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry, we create gorgeous pieces that connect to all kinds of women.

Inspired by the many great attributes that Princess Cinderella personifies, we have created a great Cinderella-inspired jewelry line.

The Origins of Cinderella

Stories are important, and they are how our minds connect ideas easily from one generation to another. Disney’s Cinderella is based on “Cendrillon,” a story written by Charles Perrault.

The story of Cinderella isn’t just another fairy tale; her character possesses many strengths, which is a core feminine attribute. Historically, women have had to go against oppressive laws and societal norms, similar to Cinderella’s unjust situation.

Here are some of the virtues that Cinderella embodies and the gorgeous gemstones in our jewelry collection that correspond.


It takes courage and a good heart to be kind. Despite the many challenges that life throws at her, Cinderella continues to remain a kind and caring person who never loses faith in her dreams.


In forgiving her stepmother and stepsisters for treating her horribly, Cinderella embodies forgiveness. When we forgive others for doing wrong, it frees us from negative energies. And no, forgiveness does not have to mean reconciliation.


Sometimes it is hard to stay positive when the odds are stacked against you. Positivity (in the face of trials) is a skill and a habit that you can consistently build. The world out there can be hostile, and it may cause you to think negativity is all that exists. However, the story of Cinderella teaches us to maintain our positivity no matter what comes our way.

Whether you are a fan of earrings, necklaces, or statement rings, the Cinderella jewelry collection has something for you. Beyond jewelry for daily wear, we also have premium jewels that celebrate life’s most significant moments with our Chateau collection.

To properly embody the personality of Cinderella, we chose the gems that represent Cinderella’s virtues.

London Blue Topaz

London blue topaz is a romantic gem that signifies love. Apart from being one of the most popular gemstones globally, it represents beauty, affluence, endurance, and uniqueness.


This gem is often considered the gem of hope. Wearing it in the form of a Cinderella-inspired sparkler from the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry collection is a beautiful reminder of having faith in your dreams and their ability to transform into reality.


Apart from being an ancient trade commodity, pearls have a long history as a differentiator between the ruling class and others. Pearls have also been associated with femininity, purity, wisdom, and peace.


There’s a reason why diamonds are a girl’s best friend. It signifies beauty, strength, love, and good health. It is also linked to the heart; hence, it is an excellent option for engagement and wedding rings.


Often associated with royalty, sapphire comes in various colors (green, white, black, blue, purple, pink, and yellow). Many believe that this gem also protects against negative energies, calms the mind, attracts abundance, and improves spiritual clarity.

Our Favorite Styles:


Watch your dreams unfold with this exquisite diamond ring. The ultimate statement maker doubles as a statement of hope, happiness, faithfulness, and class.

Are you looking to gift a Disney Fan a Cinderella-inspired diamond necklace? Get this exclusive diamond jewelry and help your loved ones look more magical.

This 70th anniversary blue bird stud earring is brought to life with London blue topaz gemstones. Furthermore, this beauty is shaped like a bird and decorated with a 1/15 carat total weight of brilliant diamonds.

Inspired by Cinderella, this fanciful carriage is crafted from sterling silver and diamonds. That’s not all; it also has two mesmerizing London blue topaz gemstones that make this piece an excellent addition to your jewelry collection.

Want your bride to have a modern and magical look? This Enchanted Disney 14K white and yellow gold bridal set features 1 1/10 CTTW diamonds. The Cinderella-inspired ring duo is the perfect way to create a dazzling two-toned ring stack.

This beautiful bracelet stylishly symbolizes Cinderella’s strong will and determination. Sparkling diamonds and a yellow gold carriage accent make for a chicer finish. This jewelry is indeed the perfect way to put a ring on a lifetime promise.


1. What qualities does Cinderella have?
Astonishing resilience, confidence, and strength. Despite the odds, she held her head high always and was courageous enough to stand up for herself.

2. What does Cinderella’s engagement ring look like?
It is elegantly built with attention to detail and has a simple surface design. Also, it has an unmistakable blue topaz gem.

3. What occasions can I gift Cinderella-inspired jewelry on?
It is a great Mother’s Day gift to celebrate a career milestone and great for surprises.