All The Things You Need to Know When Buying A Diamond Ring

All The Things You Need to Know When Buying A Diamond Ring

Many jewelry pieces will impress but there is nothing like the imposing sophistication of a diamond ring.

A diamond is endowed with a character uniquely its own. Its colorless beauty and natural inner fire cannot be replicated and cannot be found in other gemstones. It is the hardest naturally-occurring substance known to man and it has an enduring value that goes beyond trends, time, and geography. With these, it isn’t surprising that a diamond claimed its place as a token of eternal love.

When it comes to rings, a diamond ring is a luxurious and meaningful choice. Given its symbolic and monetary value, care must be exercised when making this monumental purchase. Let this comprehensive guide on buying a diamond ring help you make the best choice.

Top Reasons for Buying a Diamond Ring

A diamond ring is a luxury item. People buy this luxurious piece of jewelry for different reasons.

To serve as a token of love. People see a diamond’s enduring quality, beauty, and value as reflective of their love, admiration, and affection toward their special someone. Diamond’s durability or capacity to withstand anything is also seen as a reflection of one’s depth of love. All these make a diamond ring the perfect symbol of undying and everlasting love – the kind of love expressed when proposing marriage and when uniting two people in marriage.

To serve as a token of love for one’s self.A gold diamond ring is an excellent self-love gift. It’s a luxurious, statement-making accessory saying, “You’re worth it.” You can get a diamond ring for yourself to recognize your accomplishment. You can also get a diamond ring as a symbolic diamond jewelry piece that reflects your personal qualities. Celebrate your strength and your radiant personality with a diamond ring.

To mark a milestone or special occasionA diamond ring is a meaningful and beautiful token to recognize perseverance and hard work or to celebrate an accomplishment, whether yours or someone else’s. A diamond ring is a suitable birthday or anniversary gift, too. You can also get a diamond ring to symbolize triumph over a challenging journey.

To update and elevate one’s jewelry collection.Undeniably, diamonds can add real and perceived value to a jewelry collection. Diamond rings are timeless and can transcend generations. You can pass them as heirloom pieces. Diamond rings for women also have a good resale value.

Is buying a diamond ring worth it?

Yes, a diamond ring is a worthy purchase. It isn’t just a wearable object of art, high style, and craftsmanship. It is an expressive, empowering, and enduring piece of fine jewelry that stands for the more valuable things in life – love and self-worth.

How to Pick a Diamond

The cost of a diamond ring will largely be influenced by the main component – the diamond. Hence, it is important that you pick the diamond right. There are four Cs that you must be familiar with so you can get a quality diamond without overpaying.

First, you need to decide on a diamond shape or the physical geometric appearance of the diamond. Second, select the carat weight or the weight of the diamond. Larger carats imply bigger diamonds and higher value. Third, identify the diamond cut quality and narrow it down to match your budget. The diamond cut affects how the stone will sparkle so a very good cut grade will deliver a better sparkle. Lastly, determine the color grade which pertains to the stone’s flawlessness. The clearer the diamond, the higher the clarity. The greater the clarity, the higher the value.

How to Choose Your Diamond Shape

There is a diamond shape to match one’s style, personality, lifestyle, and budget.

Thea round shape is the universal choice because it looks flattering on any finger, metal, and ring design. The classic shape of a round diamond is perfect for those who prefer a traditional look with maximum sparkle.

Oval-shaped or oval-cut diamonds are cheaper than round diamonds, better at hiding flaws, and more brilliant in terms of sparkle than rounds. The modified round silhouette of an oval-cut diamond appeal to ladies who prefer a classic yet trendy aesthetic.

The princess-cut diamond is traditionally square and has an inverted pyramid silhouette. The sharp corners and long diagonal measurements of a princess-cut diamond allow it to deliver incredible brilliance and fire. This dreamy and romantic diamond shape is perfect for those who prefer their sparkler to have a fairytale charm.

The cushion-shaped diamond is a square diamond with rounded edges. The angles in this diamond shape allow it to produce a high level of sparkle. This bold cut generally appeals to women who aren’t afraid to embrace change.

The emerald shape, also called emerald-cut or step-cut, offers plenty of reflections so its sparkle has a unique “hall of mirrors” effect. The elongated shape also has a slimming effect on the finger. Emerald-cut diamonds are ideal for east-west diamond settings.

An alternative to the emerald shape is the baguette-cut diamond. This graceful shape is ideal for vintage-inspired diamond rings.

Choose a pear or marquise diamond for your beloved drawn to vintage glamour. The pear-shaped diamond has a rounded side and a distinct point. Also called a teardrop shape, this elegant cut is ideal for short fingers or small hands. The marquise shape resembles the shape of an eye. It has a wide central section that narrows to two points. Symmetry is essential when selecting a pear or marquise-cut diamond. Note that the tips or tapered points of pear-cut and marquise-cut diamonds make them prone to snagging.

The heart-shaped diamond looks dainty and feminine. It is an excellent choice for a diamond ring to be given as a romantic gift. The Asscher cut is a perfect choice for someone who prefers things symmetrical and straightforward. Asscher diamonds are step-cut diamonds with a stylized square profile composed of layered facets and trimmed corners.

How to Select a Diamond Carat Weight

Remember that carat pertains to the diamond’s weight and not its size. This implies that a larger carat will not always equate to a more prominent “rock” with better sparkle. The quality of the cut will define the quality of the sparkle.

The carat, on the other hand, has the most significant effect on price. So when selecting a diamond carat, your budget will be your primary consideration. You should splurge on cut if you want maximum sparkle. A high-carat diamond with a poor cut will still appear dull and lifeless but a ½ carat diamond with a very good cut will catch eyes and stir hearts.

You may also want to consider the ring size when choosing a diamond carat. Smaller hands with a ring size of 6.5 and below may prefer a diamond under 1.50 carats for a better “look” on the finger. Larger hands with a 6.5 finger size or above can go with larger diamonds of about 2 carats and above.

How to Select Your Diamond Cut Quality

The cut grade of a diamond will be based on its ability to reflect light, proportions and angles, polish and symmetry. A diamond cut is measured using the Poor-Fair-Good-VeryGood- Excellent classification. Diamonds usually come with a grading certificate from respected laboratories like the GIA or the Gemological Institute of America.

Which cut grade should you get, you ask? An excellent cut grade (also called “ideal”) will be the best choice. Avoid a “poor” cut diamond at all costs, even if it is a 3-carat diamond because it will not reflect much light and will only yield lifeless brilliance.

What is the best metal type for a diamond ring?

Go for white gold, platinum, or palladium for a clearer and more colorless sparkle. Go for yellow gold to warm up a diamond and give it a classic look. Choose rose gold for near-colorless diamonds in G to J color grades because the pinkish metal tone will help make the near-colorless diamond appear colorless, with you not having to pay more. A sterling silver diamond ring is the most affordable option.

What are the different types of diamond rings?

There are different kinds of diamond ring styles and we can classify them into three major groups: traditional, modern, and whimsical.

Traditional diamond rings are those with diamonds set in classic solitaire, cathedral, halo, eternity, vintage and pave settings. The solitaire diamond ring is the classic choice for an engagement ring.

Modern diamond rings for women feature the following diamond settings: three-stone, you-and-me, five-stone, hidden halo, bar, flush, channel, tension, cluster, and bezel setting.

Whimsical diamond rings feature more intricate or creative ring designs including split-shank, scalloped, scrolling, sculptural, and themed diamond rings.

Is a diamond ring suitable for daily wear?

A diamond ring can be worn every day although it may not be the best idea. Depending on the lifestyle you lead, your diamond ring may or may not be suitable for non-stop everyday wear.

The diamond stone, being a tough stone, can withstand a great deal of wear and tear. But that doesn’t mean you can subject them to harsh conditions and not worry about them getting damaged.

If you intend to wear a gold diamond ring daily, consider a more secure diamond setting the bezel or the six-prong setting. Rings with plenty of small diamond embellishments can be pretty delicate and are not ideal for intensive and extensive wear.

When should you take off your diamond ring?

There is no firm and fixed rule on when one should and should not wear a diamond ring. But because a diamond ring is a valuable investment and a precious possession, extra care must be exercised when wearing it.

There is no firm and fixed rule on when one should and should not wear a diamond ring. But because a diamond ring is a valuable investment and a precious possession, extra care must be exercised when wearing it.

Ideally, a diamond ring with a large or valuable diamond should not be worn in the gym, pool, or the beach, when gardening and cleaning the house, when cooking and baking, when doing your beauty regimen, or when sleeping. The idea is to prevent the ring from getting lost and protect the diamond from potential damage from knocks, snagging threats, extreme movement, and harsh chemicals.

How to Take Care of a Diamond Ring

The best way to preserve a diamond ring’s sparkle is to keep it clean. Remove the build-up of oil, debris, and cosmetic residue by submerging the ring into a solution of warm water and a drop of mild dishwashing soap. Soak it for about 15 minutes, then use a soft-bristled baby toothbrush to carefully brush the angles and edges. Cover the drain and rinse the ring under warm running water. Pat dry with a soft cotton cloth.

Get the prongs or the diamond setting checked by a jeweler at least once a year to ensure the stone’s secure fit.