Bridal Set Guide 2023 – Everything You Need to Know

Bridal Set Guide 2023 – Everything You Need to Know

What more can be nerve-wracking than popping the big question? Asking for your beloved’s hand in marriage can cause anxiety and stress to any man. It’s a big moment, and feeling nervous about something this significant is normal. But being prepared can help keep the jitters at bay. Arm yourself with the right tools: your confidence, sincere heart, and the ring that will take her breath away.

While we cannot really help with the first two, we have tips for the last one. Impress your beloved with a captivating engagement ring – and wedding ring! Yes, you can now get TWO rings at once when you shop for a Bridal Set for women. Go through this guide and discover how a bridal ring set will be perfect for your beautiful bride-to-be.

What is a bridal set and its significance?

Jewelers design bridal sets with the bride in mind. A bridal ring set is a duo composed of an engagement ring and a wedding ring designed to go together. The two rings typically come with different design details but share the same metal color, theme, or motif. When stacked or worn simultaneously on one finger, the rings will give a “single” look. Their pattern, silhouette, and individual design seamlessly fit to create an illusion of one large ring with two layers.

Bridal sets have been created to provide brides with matching bands. This ensures that the love of your life can have two rings that are perfectly complementary.

Do you give the whole bridal set or just the engagement ring during the marriage proposal?

Traditionally, only the engagement ring is presented when proposing marriage. The matching wedding ring can be shown after the adrenaline and the excitement from the proposal have fizzled out a bit. Some men wait until the next day, or a few days later, to tell their beloved that the engagement ring is part of a set and a complementing wedding band is ready.

Which metal is best for a bridal set?

There’s a metal for every fashion style, personality, lifestyle – and budget! There is no definitive “best metal” for bridal sets. The best metal base for matching engagement and wedding rings is the one that meets the wearer’s personal criteria.

Platinum is a luxurious choice and is an excellent option for rings with a valuable amount of gemstones. It is a metal that won’t fade over time and rarely gets damaged from daily wear. Its exceptional durability makes it worth the high price.

Gold is a classic choice. Whether white, yellow, or rose, this metal promises durability. Choose rings with higher gold purity if the wearer leads a very active lifestyle or if she works with her hands.

Sterling silver is an affordable and hypoallergenic option. It has an attractive sheen that complements the sparkle of different gemstones. Go for gold-plated sterling silver when you have a budget to stick to but would want the warm tone of yellow gold or the romantic hue of rose gold.

Diamonds VS Other Gemstones for Bridal Sets?

Diamonds have long been the gemstone of choice for big milestones and significant life events. However, nothing can stop anyone from choosing a stone that isn’t a diamond for an engagement ring or a wedding ring. You can pick gemstone that best corresponds to your loved one’s style, personality, and unique love story.

Regarding durability, diamond is the clear winner given its hardness level of 10. Next to diamonds are sapphires. Blue sapphires are famous for engagement rings. Other durable gemstones include moissanite, rubies, and topaz.

When it comes to the stone’s beauty and sparkle, each gemstone (including diamond) exudes a charm uniquely its own. The stunning color of emerald makes it a truly eye-catching choice. Amethysts have a mysterious look and tourmalines have spectacular colors.

How does one wear a bridal set?

The engagement and wedding rings on a diamond bridal set are worn on the left ring finger. The wedding ring is worn first to be positioned closer to the heart.

Bridal Set VS Wedding Set: What Is The Difference

As mentioned, a bridal ring will have two rings - one engagement ring and one wedding ring – for the bride to wear.

On the other hand, a wedding set contains three rings: one engagement ring, one wedding ring for the bride, and one wedding ring for the groom.

Getting a wedding set keeps things extra convenient. You only have to shop once for three precious items that will mark your new journey in love. You will have three matching rings and will never have to worry about one complementing the other, especially for your bride who will wear two rings on one finger. In a wedding set, just like in a bridal set, the bride’s wedding ring will “fit” in style and silhouette with the engagement ring.

Should you buy a Bridal Set or a Wedding Set?

Both are great choices if you want to save time and money. A bridal set and a wedding set come with a “package” price which means a discounted price for buying more than one ring. You can save up to 10% when you purchase rings together than buying them individually.

Getting a bridal or wedding set will save you and your partner a reasonable amount of time because you no longer have to look hard to find a wedding ring that perfectly matches the engagement ring. Securing the wedding rings before the wedding planning period can save you some stress, too.

Also, the matching engagement and wedding ring in either set offers a more comfortable wearing experience. Since both rings were designed to be worn together, they will naturally fit better, which translates to optimum comfort. Rings purchased separately may not have that exact and seamless fit; for bridal and wedding sets, this will be a non-issue.