Ultimate Guide for Diamond Earrings

Ultimate Guide for Diamond Earrings

Eyeing a pair (or two) of diamond earrings again? We can’t blame you. The hypnotic charm of diamond earrings can be very hard to resist. But a pair of these mesmerizing ear jewels is something one should not purchase on a whim. You’d want a pair that is effortless to wear, that you can show off many times, that will keep sparkling for years as if they are new, and that will retain some value. A little planning and a little research can help you make an informed choice and get the right pair with the best value for your money.

Here is a guide that will answer most of your questions and will get you ready for a dazzling new pair of diamond earrings.

What is the significance of diamond earrings?

Diamond earrings have more to offer other than their sparkling beauty. They frame the face and brighten the eyes. Diamond earrings refine and polish outfits which, in turn, can boost the wearer’s style confidence. They can also make a statement and express the wearer’s mood, individual style, and personality.

Although diamond earrings are commonly worn as a high-style fashion accessory, they can also have a symbolic or more personal meaning. Given the durability of diamonds, diamond earrings commonly serve as a family heirloom. Diamond earrings are popular gifts, too, because they serve as enduring reminders of special moments.

What are the types of diamond earrings?

The most popular type of diamond earring for women is the stud. Diamond Stud Earrings are small and simple in silhouette, making them perfect for everyday use. Diamond studs are also called solitaire earrings for they only carry a single diamond, set on a standard or threaded metal post with a push-back, screw-back, or lock-back closure.

The next popular diamond earring type is the diamond hoop. Diamond hoop earrings come in different sizes and styles, too. There are diamond huggie hoops that are small and designed to “hug” the earlobe. Large diamond hoop earrings can go as big as 70mm in diameter. Diamond hoop earrings can have single, double, or multiple rows of diamonds lining the hoop. The front face of the hoop and the front-facing inner back side of the hoop can also feature diamonds.

Related to diamond hoop earrings are the J-hoops and C-hoops. Also called half-hoops, these are earrings with a partial circle silhouette. The back of the earring is open so the metal does not go all the way around.

There are also diamond drop earrings that are typically more ornamental in style. This type of diamond earring features a “drop” that is typically stationary and will not move or swing when the wearer moves. The drop hangs from a stud or post. Most diamond drop earrings are designed for formal or special occasion wear.

Dangling diamond earrings are designed to swing or move when the wearer walks or moves her head. The “drop” in dangle or dangling earrings is longer. Chandelier diamond earrings are a type of dangling earring. It is a more intricately designed dangling earring meant to attract attention.

Which type of diamond earrings should you choose?

When choosing diamond earrings, you can select based on the purpose, your face shape, your style preference, wearability, and your budget.

How often do you intend to wear a pair of diamond earrings? Stick with classic diamond studs below 1 carat and minimalist diamond studs if you want a pair that can be worn daily or suit an active or busy lifestyle.

If you need a pair of diamond earrings for a special occasion like a wedding or a gala, go for fashionable and more intricately designed drop or dangle earrings. These two types of diamond earrings can easily dress up an outfit.

Diamond hoop earrings, on the other hand, can be dressed up or down. The smaller, lighter, single-row diamond hoops are perfect for everyday, smart casual wear. Reserve the larger and sparklier hoops for special occasions like parties.

You will also find themed diamond earrings suitable for everyday wear and special occasions. The diamond earrings from Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry feature Disney Princess-inspired ear sparklers that will bring style and character to your looks.

What is the best type of metal for diamond earrings?

The malleability, durability, and wearability of the metal color are the primary considerations to think about when selecting the metal type for a pair of diamond earrings.

Sterling silver is a durable metal alloy suitable for daily wear. It is solid and stable yet lightweight and affordable. Sterling silver diamond earrings can come in different electroplated finishes. You will find 925 sterling silver diamond earrings in rose gold, white gold, yellow gold or dark rhodium plating.

Choose white gold if you prefer a more hardwearing metal with a white, silvery appearance. This material is more malleable than platinum making it perfect for fine and intricate diamond earring designs.

Pick platinum if you want a longer-lasting pair of diamond earrings. Platinum doesn’t discolor, fade, rust, or lose shape. The cool white sheen of platinum also complements the sparkle and brilliance of diamonds.

If you prefer something more traditional, go for yellow gold. The warm color of yellow gold suits skin tones with green and yellow undertones. Yellow gold diamond earrings are classy and are a great starting point when buying diamond earrings for the first time.

Rose gold is the metal to choose for romantic and feminine diamond earrings. Rose gold's subtle and gentle pink tone gives it a glamorous yet refined appeal.

Can you wear diamond earrings every day?

There is no hard rule regarding how, when, and how often diamond earrings should be worn. There are considerations, though, when deciding to wear precious diamond earrings on a daily basis.

Diamond earrings come in various sizes, and the precious stone's size can affect the earrings’ versatility, wearability, and suitability for everyday wear. Small stud diamond earrings are ideal for wearing on a daily basis because they can easily complement any outfit and suit different settings including the workplace.

Is 1-carat a good choice for diamond earrings?

A 1-carat diamond is ideal for earrings. It delivers a sparkle that will catch eyes but won’t overwhelm the face or clash with an outfit.

Diamonds that are one carat and below are perfect for earrings because they are smaller, making them lighter and more comfortable for the earlobe to carry. One-carat diamond earrings are also more suitable for everyday wear.

How much are diamond earrings worth?

The cost of diamond earrings may range from $250 to over $35,000. Beyond the 4 C’s of diamonds (cut, clarity, color, carat), many other factors affect the price of diamond earrings. The demand for a particular diamond shape and the metal type will also influence the cost of diamond earrings.