Ultimate Rose Gold Engagement Ring Guide 2023

Ultimate Rose Gold Engagement Ring Guide 2023

The popularity of rose gold engagement rings has skyrocketed in the last decade. Why is this so? Well, picture a rose gold diamond solitaire ring in your head and visualize that charming glow, that romantic allure and sweet sparkly shine. The blushing beauty of rose gold diamond rings, or rose gold jewelry in general, has captured the hearts of those who look for a jewel with more personality.

Rose gold is the middle ground between the traditional and warm yellow gold and the starkly modern white gold. Rose gold displays a color tone that is feminine and glamorous, understated yet luxurious, exquisitely elegant yet approachable.

Truly as sweet as a rose, a rose gold diamond engagement ring never fails to melt a lady’s heart. If you’re eyeing a rose gold engagement ring for your special someone, here’s a guide that covers everything you need to know about those brilliantly blushing symbols of love.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings 101

The metal in a rose gold engagement ring has pure gold and copper alloy. Combining copper alloy with pure gold strengthens the precious metal and gives it a stunning pink-to-reddish hue.

Why should I choose rose gold for an engagement ring?

Many choose rose gold for their engagement ring primarily because of its color. Some prefer to veer away from the classic yellow gold to be unique, and some find the “whiteness” of white gold too “metallic” for their taste.

Others pick rose gold as their metal for an engagement ring because of its versatility. The rosy hue of rose gold complements all skin tones and matches all metal hues.

Rose gold also requires less maintenance than rhodium-plated white gold. It is also more durable than yellow or white gold due to its copper content.

What does a rose gold engagement ring symbolize?

The soft hue of rose gold gave it a romantic vibe. Such a stylish and distinctive hue is also undeniably feminine. The romantic and feminine aspects of the metal’s rosy color contributed to how people gave meaning to rose gold when used in jewelry making.

A rose gold engagement ring may be seen as a recognition and appreciation of a woman’s inner strength. A rose gold diamond ring has that delicate yet strong character similar to the gentle elegance and inner strength of females and how women display grace under pressure.

Does rose gold fade or tarnish fast?

Genuine rose gold jewelry does not tarnish or fade over time. A dull-looking rose gold jewelry will only need cleaning and polishing. From years of wear, rose gold jewelry may have a darker or redder tint because of the metal’s copper content. This only gives rose gold jewelry pieces that extra romantic and unique vintage flair.

What is the difference between pink gold and rose gold?

The two are not entirely different but not exactly the same. Pink gold and rose gold are made up the same way. Both contain gold, silver, and copper so they produce that pinkish hue. But rose gold has a bit more copper than pink gold and pink gold has a bit more silver than rose gold.

Popular Styles of Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Ever since the metal rose gold dominated the jewelry scene, rings in this material appeared in all sorts of styles and designs. Rose gold became a choice of modern and minimalist brides-to-be, sentimental ladies, and women who look for contemporary alternatives to white or yellow gold.

With the many rose gold engagement ring that became available in the market, we noticed that these are the most in-demand styles:

  • Rose Gold Solitaire.A diamond solitaire will always be popular, but a solitary round diamond on a contemporary rose gold metal band became an even more famous option. Most rose gold solitaire rings feature a pinched shank or a tapering band for that extra dose of sweetness and romance.

  • Minimalist and GeometricMany have also chosen to either soften the subtle elegance of a rose gold diamond ring or make it a bit more edgy. They used slimmer or thinner rose gold bands or angular diamond cuts like emerald or marquise.

  • In Vintage Aesthetic.Other jewelers made good use of the romantic splendor of rose gold and sparkly diamonds. Taking inspiration from vintage jewelry pieces and the Art Deco era, rose gold diamond engagement rings with ornate scrollwork and beadwork emerged.

  • Regal yet RefinedThere are designs that gave rose gold diamond rings the royal treatment. These are aristocratic pieces with swirling filigrees, intricate designs, and high-carat diamond

  • Playful in PinkOne can also find rose gold diamond engagement rings with whimsical themes and sculptural profiles. Rose gold became the fun and fashionable backdrop for tiara-shaped rings, rings with floral and vine motifs, and rings inspired by Disney Princesses.

Best-Selling Diamond Shapes for Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Round cut remains the most famous diamond shape for an engagement ring, regardless of metal kind or color.

The princess cut, on the other hand, is the usual choice for rose gold engagement rings. It might be because of the shape’s name that many associate it with the romantic beauty and royal elegance of rose gold.

Other popular diamond shapes for rose gold engagement rings include the cushion cut, the oval cut, and the heart shape.

How to Choose a Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Once you’re sure that rose gold is the metal to pick for your unique engagement ring, it’s time to decide on the gold purity. Should you get 10K, 14K, 18K, or 24K rose gold?

24K is the highest karat level for gold as it pertains to pure gold. This material is not ideal for jewelry because pure gold is extremely soft so it will bend and be scratched easily.

18K is a popular and practical karat level. Many jewelers and consumers prefer it because it has the highest amount of gold (75%) mixed with alloy for strength and color. An 18K rose gold ring will give you the durability and longevity you require for a daily-wear piece of jewelry and an enduring symbol of love.

14K rose gold offers durability, too, at a slightly lower price point. It doesn’t require rhodium plating and can still provide that vintage romantic appeal from rose gold. However, a 14K rose gold diamond ring will appear a bit redder because of the higher amount of copper alloy.

A 10K rose gold is more affordable but less pure than 14K. However, it is more durable than 14K rose gold because of the larger amount of alloy metals. The lower gold purity level makes 10K rose gold rings more susceptible to scuffs and scratches.

How to Clean Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Taking good care of your precious jewelry is essential to preserve its beautiful appearance and value. Regular cleaning removes dirt and grease build-up and prevents the ring from losing its shine.

Take the time to regularly wipe or dry polish your rose gold diamond engagement ring. For deep cleaning, soak the ring for about 15 minutes in warm water with a drop of mild dish soap. Use a baby toothbrush with soft bristles to remove dirt from angles and edges. Rinse it under running water with the drain covered in case your ring accidentally slips from your grasp. Use a soft jewelry cloth to dry the ring.

How to Store Rose Gold Engagement Rings

You’ve dreamt of that sparkler on your finger, so you must also prioritize caring for it. Proper maintenance and storage are necessary to ensure your precious ring will still look stunning for years.

It would be best to store your rose gold engagement ring, or any important piece of jewelry, away from direct sunlight and somewhere with low humidity. Use multi-level jewelry boxes or those with dividers so your ring won’t rub against other jewelry pieces. You can also use small jewelry bags or pouches made from soft fabrics like velvet and cotton to keep your ring clean and dry.