Ultimate Diamond Bracelet Guide 2023

Ultimate Diamond Bracelet Guide 2023

Diamond bracelets have become treasured jewelry pieces because of their unassuming character, understated elegance, and unmatched versatility. They’re worn on a body part that is not easily seen or noticed, so their beauty and appeal tend to be mysterious and unobtrusive - not big, loud, and in-your-face. Diamond bracelets also come in various designs that make dressing up or down so easy. They can be worn alone, with a watch, or with other bracelets.

It’s not surprising that diamond bracelets make great all-around gifts. Diamond bracelets can be romantic, friendly, familial, or symbolic, depending on the design. The next time you think of buying a piece of diamond jewelry - for someone you care about or yourself – don’t think twice about getting a diamond bracelet.

This diamond bracelet guide covers what you need to know to find that perfect diamond bracelet.

Why buy a diamond bracelet?

Imagine the shine a diamond bracelet makes when the wearer moves her hand when she walks or talks. That subtle sparkle that will catch the eye of anyone and everyone is what charms and influences women to adorn their wrists with a diamond bracelet.

A diamond bracelet is one of the most loved jewelry pieces by women, thanks to its understated glamour and exceptional versatility. It can be worn with every outfit, in every season or situation. A diamond bracelet can take one’s accessorizing style to the next level. One can wear a diamond bracelet to make a style statement and express their personality.

What are the perfect occasions to wear a diamond bracelet?

Diamond bracelets for women come in different styles and designs and there’s one to suit just about any occasion.

A diamond infinity bracelet is the perfect choice to complement a bride’s wedding day jewelry.

The versatile diamond tennis bracelet is a fine accessory to wear when celebrating special occasions and milestones like graduations, birthdays, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve parties. Diamond tennis bracelets can also be worn day to night and will go well with your work wear and date night outfits.

Minimalist diamond bracelets are ideal for daily wear. Think of thin chain bracelets with five evenly-spaced bezel-set diamonds or delicate chain bracelets with a metal bar accent encrusted with pavé-set diamonds. Minimalist diamond bracelets are understated wrist jewels that can blend with your day-to-day ensemble and activities.

What metal is best for a diamond bracelet?

Diamond bracelets come with different metal bases. There is no one “best” metal type for a diamond bracelet but there are ideal metal types for specific bracelet designs.

Themed bracelets with more detailed and sculptural profiles typically come in gold-plated or rhodium-plated sterling silver. Sterling silver is a reasonably priced metal alloy that can be easily shaped and molded into anything. This versatile material allows artisans to craft truly creative and one-of-a-kind bracelets. Intricate engravings and etchings help transform sterling silver into wearable art pieces.

Gold, whether white, yellow, or rose gold, is also malleable and can be shaped into virtually anything but it is more expensive than sterling silver. Bracelets with diamonds or other high-value precious gemstones are crafted in gold for outstanding longevity. Go for gold diamond bracelets if you want fine jewelry with heirloom quality.

Is a diamond bracelet suitable for daily wear?

Jewelry is meant to be worn, enjoyed, and not simply displayed on a jewelry box. No rule will prevent you from wearing them whenever you want to. However, certain types of jewelry may require certain levels of care and may not be suitable for non-stop daily wear.

Bracelets adorned with gemstones as precious as diamonds generally have an enduring quality. However, that doesn’t mean they will never start showing wear and tear, especially when they are worn every single day.

Since bracelets belong to the wrist, they may be more prone to damage because of the frequent use and movement of the arm and hand. We do not recommend wearing a valuable diamond bracelet when performing sports activities, cleaning, or gardening.

It is best to take your diamond bracelet off before you shower, during your beauty regimen, and before you go to bed to ensure that the diamonds will remain secure in their setting and not be subjected to harsh chemicals and accidental knocks,

What are the types of diamond bracelets?

You can find many different diamond-adorned accessories for the wrist. They come in different materials, diamond settings, widths, lengths, and designs.

The term diamond bracelet is used two ways: to refer to bracelets adorned with diamonds (regardless of the specific bracelet design) or to

Many people think of a tennis bracelet or a line bracelet when they hear the term “diamond bracelet.” The tennis bracelet is also known as the eternity bracelet as it features never-ending sparkle given the continuous row of diamonds. One characteristic unique to a tennis bracelet is the symmetrical pattern of diamonds. A metal chain holds the diamonds of the same cut, color, clarity, and carat.

There is also the diamond link bracelet that features connected links or a chain of geometric links set with diamonds in different settings. The links come in different shapes and silhouettes including oval, round, flat round, figure eight, bar, railroad, San Marco, and heart-shaped. Diamond link bracelets usually feature links encrusted with diamonds set so close together.

The diamond bangle is another type of diamond bracelet. This is a solid and rigid wrist ornament that is loose-fitting. It comes in all sorts of materials, including sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, and platinum. A diamond bangle bracelet may feature single or multiple diamonds arranged in a pattern.

The diamond cuff bracelet is another rigid bracelet but unlike a typical bangle, the circular silhouette does not close. Cuff bracelets are usually chunkier and broader, too.

Diamond Bracelets VS Diamond Bangles

Let's look at their similarities and differences to differentiate diamond bracelets from diamond bangles further.

The Similarities: Diamond bracelets and diamond bangles for women are worn fairly loosely on the wrist. They can be made from an array of materials including sterling silver, gold-plated sterling silver, white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold. Diamond bracelets may come decorated with precious and semi-precious gemstones, enamel for a pop of color, or charms.

The Differences: A diamond bracelet is flexible and always has a clasp closure. A diamond bangle is solid, rigid, and has no clasp.

One can wear diamond bracelets and diamond bangles together to create a layered look. This trend allows the wearer to simultaneously wear three or more arm accessories to mix textures and styles.

How to Find the Right Diamond Bracelet Size

Women’s wrist measurements range from 16cm to 21cm. For sizes smaller or larger than this range, getting a customized piece or opting for a bracelet with adjustable sliders or extender chains is advisable.

Use a cord or a measuring tape to measure one’s wrist or bracelet size. Simply place the cord or measuring tape tightly around the wrist (just above the wrist bone, towards your elbow), then mark the end of the cord or measuring tape. Depending on how loose or snug you want to wear the bracelet, add 0.5 to 3.25cm to the wrist circumference.

Finding the right size for bangle bracelets requires a different procedure. Since a bangle is not flexible, the fist size must be measured so that the bangle can go through the hand. To measure the fist, bring the thumb and the little finger together (as if you are to wear a bangle) and wrap a measuring tape around the knuckles. Compare the measurement you get from the diameter or stated measurement of the bangle. For an optimal fit, get a bangle size that is 2cm wider than the actual measured fist size.