Guide to Gemstones

Guide to Gemstones

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Ariel is a dreamer. Her signature stone Amethyst is said to bring about soothing dreams and helps the mind flow freely. Amethyst is the perfect stone for the curious heart and the rich purple of Ariel’s dress goes perfectly with her collection.

Aurora is a lover. She is dreamily in love and that is why her signature stone is Morganite. Morganite is all about divine love, pure and simple, representing unconditional love, attracting and maintaining love. The pink blush is wonderfully popular for engagements and modern weddings. This stone is so beautiful you’ll be thinking about it once upon a dream.

Belle is an optimist. Her signature stone, Citrine, represents positivity and cheerfulness. She saw through her seemingly bad situation in the Beast’s castle and turned it into a positive. Citrine can be used to manifest abundance and opportunity. Belle always makes her own luck, her own way. Her iconic yellow ball gown symbolizes just this.

Cinderella’s romantic nature is perfectly encapsulated in her signature stone, the London Blue Topaz. This gem signifies endurance, and Cinderella works gracefully before she finds her fairytale ending. By nature, this romantic gem is perfect for love stories, honeymoons, and happily ever afters. The blue matches her signature ball gown so get ready to be swept off your feet.

Elsa’s signature stone is the White Opal. From ancient times, it has been believed to turn negative energy into positive energy. It has the power to make your feelings clear and this is perfect for the snow queen. Elsa is powerful and heals her insecurities and fears and faces the world more powerful than before.

Jasmine is a headstrong princess who is anything but submissive. Her signature stone, the Swiss Blue Topaz has the properties of improving communication skills. She definitely uses this with Aladdin! The Swiss Blue Topaz has the power to bring about mutual understanding and the building of peaceful relationships. She gets on the same page as Aladdin and her father and they truly come together.

Merida is strong, noble, and full of purpose. This is perfectly represented in the Teal Topaz gemstone. Because of her feisty energy, this sun-filled gemstone is associated with strengthening confidence and trust in one’s inner power and abilities.

Mulan is courageous, determined, and independent. This is perfectly embodied by the Rhodolite Garnet. It inspires spiritual growth (hey Mushu) and promotes serious self worth. Mulan is a role model for us all and her bravery inspires us to push ourselves and be the best version we can be.

Pocahontas’s signature stone, the Smoky Quartz, provides protective and balancing energy. This union of grounding and protection comes from nature and her tribe. Smoky Quartz combines light energy to be a soothing, uplifting energy that is perfect for the free spirit.

Rapunzel is a transformative princess. She heals heartache and isolation and transforms these feelings into love and courage. Her signature gemstone, the Rose-de-France signifies just that. The stone empowers its wearer by providing strength and courage. This comes in the forms of artistic energy and playful a heart in Rapunzel.

Snow White’s signature stone, Garnet, represents love, sincerity, and understanding. This is a great stone for commitment, devotion, and progressing a relationship. Snow White has many relationships with friends: the dwarves, forest animals, even the hunter who wanted to kill her couldn’t because of her sweet heart. This trusting stone will bring you understanding in love, just as Snow White finds with her friendships and her prince.

Tiana is an ambitious, determined, intelligent princess. Her stone, peridot, is the stone of compassion. It brings good health, restful sleep (good for how hard she works!) and peace to relationships. Peridot balances the emotions and the mind. The bright green stone also matches her frog figure, or her beautiful green ball gown at the end. Just like the stone, Tiana has the uncanny ability to inspire eloquence, delight, and good cheer, to any situation.