Earrings Everyday!

Earrings Everyday!

Shop by your favorite earring style.

There are many types of diamond earrings that you can play with to accessorize your outfits. You can get the most beautiful looks for your style or occasion and always look perfectly put together. It is also important to remember that rules are arbitrary; rules are meant to be broken, so play around and do what makes you feel your best! Take these tips into account if you want some guidance, but trust your personal style and play around with confidence!

Hoops Earrings

Hoops are the ultimate going out accessory. They are playful and fun and always make an outfit stand out. Wear them casually with jeans, or with this season’s trends.

Shop Jasmine’s hoop earrings in 10K yellow gold to shake up some fun times.

Stud Earrings

Nothing is cuter than a good pair of statement studs. You can play around and show off your creativity with fun shapes, designs, and characters. You can go classic and simple or give a burst of personality. Even if the size is subdued, what you say with them doesn’t have to be.

Shop Belle’s 14k rose gold with ½ carat diamond stud earrings or Tinkerbell sterling silver 1/10 carat studs for an ultimate wink to your fun personality.

Night out

When you are going out for a fancy occasion you want to show up dressed to the nines. Go big, go all out, and shine. In a silk dress, ball gown or tuxedo, wearing statement earrings is the way to go. Be bold in your diamond jewelry and people will spot you from across the room.

Shop Cinderella’s 14K white gold with ¾ carat white and blue diamond and pear shape, London blue topaz carriage earrings to cause a stir.


Earrings that hug your ears go perfectly with an updo. They aren’t too distracting, but they pull you in.

Shop Maleficent’s black rhodium over sterling silver with 1/10 carat diamond to claw the attention you deserve.

Drop Earrings

A beautiful classic ornate style are drop earrings. Go extravagant with these. Show off a little, flash the jewels on your fancy earrings. They are sure to gather compliments and leave everybody talking.

Shop Mulan’s sterling silver and 10k rose gold with ⅓ carat diamond and rhodolite garnet for the ultimate conversation starter.


Diamond studs are the classic wardrobe essential. They can be dressed up or down, and worn absolutely every day. They are perfect for building out your daily looks. When you are sparkling, these help that inner beauty shine.

Shop the Majestic Princess collection 14k white gold with ½ carat Diamond to fill out your must haves.