A Guide to Pink Sapphires

A Guide to Pink Sapphires

Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty is known for her pink gown, so it’s no surprise that the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Princess Aurora collection features stunning pink sapphires as a nod to a favorite Disney princess. Pink sapphires continue to gain popularity as a gemstone for all occasions. Keep reading to learn more about these unique, rare gemstones.

What is a Pink Sapphire?

Like diamonds, sapphires take millions of years to form, and no two natural sapphires look the same. They’re formed beneath the earth’s surface under immense pressure and intense heat out of a mineral called corundum (aluminum oxide) that seeps into cracks in igneous or metamorphic rocks. Once the liquid cools, it turns into colorless crystals. However, when tiny traces of other minerals (often as little as 1%) mix with corundum, it turns the stone into various colors such as red, pink, blue, yellow, orange, etc. If the chromium content is higher you get a deeper red color, which makes the stone a ruby. If the content is lower, then you'll see a pink sapphire.

Where Pink Sapphires are mined?

Pink sapphires have become more available since new deposits were discovered in Madagascar in the late 1990s. Until then, pink sapphires were considered exceptionally rare since they were only found in a few locations around the world. Most popular locations being Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and East Africa.

A rare version of the pink sapphire is a pinkish-orange padparadscha sapphire that comes from Sri Lanka. The name is derived from Sri Lanka’s lotus blossoms.

What Does Pink Sapphire Represent?

Pink sapphires have been symbols of love, sincerity, loyalty, and trust. In some stories, they’re compared to the sacred lotus flower, representing beauty, wisdom, and purity. The earliest accounts of sapphire engagement rings date back to Ancient Rome.

Lab Created Pink Sapphire vs. Natural Sapphire

Like other gemstones, natural sapphires are formed within the earth’s crust and lab sapphires are grown in controlled environments. Natural stones take millions of years to form while lab-created sapphires can be created in a few days. In addition, lab-created sapphires cost less per carat than natural sapphires because naturally-formed stones are rarer and more sought-after.


As with most gemstones, quality varies and impacts the stone’s overall look. As a result, it’s important to familiarize yourself with cut, color, clarity, and carat details.


Sapphires are cut to enhance their color. They’re cut by how pretty its shape is, the symmetry of its facets, and how it reflects light. In addition to traditional shapes, you’ll find unique shapes, such as ovals, pears, asscher, and emeralds.


Pink sapphires, like any other sapphire colors, come in a range of shades. You’ll find Intense magenta to light pink and even purple. The good news is you’ll find the perfect hue no matter your pink preferences!

You’ll see plenty of blue sapphires, but they’re available in a wide range of colors besides pink, including orange, yellow, green, purple, and violet—except red, which is a ruby.


You’ll see several types of inclusions in pink sapphires, and if they’re a lighter shade of pink, the inclusions will be more noticeable. You might find thin mineral inclusions called needles, mineral crystals, color zoning, and color banding.


Larger stones are more rare and will be more expensive. Natural pink sapphires over 1 carat are rare and over 4 carats are extremely rare.

Enchanted Disney Pink Sapphires

If you want to add a pink sapphire jewelry to your collection, Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry has some amazing options. You’ll find pink sapphire rings, pink sapphire necklaces, pink sapphire bracelets, and pink sapphire earrings with dazzling diamonds, glittering pink sapphires, and a mixture of metals. Pink’s popularity continues to grow, and it compliments other colored gemstones and all metals (10K, 14K white, yellow, and rose gold as well as sterling silver). Here are a few pieces you have to see:

Best Occasions for Gifts

These popular gemstones provide a classic, stunning stone for any type of fine jewelry and for all occasions–whether you need a gift for a special occasion (birthday, mother’s day, wedding, anniversary, engagement) or a gift for yourself. The unique color continues to make this stone a popular choice for all occasions. You see more sapphires used in wedding and engagement jewelry.

How to Care for Pink Sapphire?

Keep your jewelry sparkling by cleaning it with a soft toothbrush, warm water, and mild dish soap without any abrasives or moisturizers. Periodically monitor the stones in your jewelry to ensure the prongs are holding stones in place.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is pink sapphire worth?
Pink sapphires are an affordable gemstone. The worth depends on the quality and rarity of the stone.

2. Does the cut affect pink sapphire’s color?
Sapphires are cut to enhance their color. They’re cut by how pretty its shape is, the symmetry of its facets, and how it reflects light.

3. What does pink sapphire symbolize?
Pink sapphires are recognized as having a variety of meanings, symbolizing good fortune, power through hardships, intense love and compassion, and subtle elegance.

4. Are a pink diamond and pink sapphire the same?
No, pink diamonds and pink sapphires are not the same gemstone.

5. Is pink sapphire highly expensive among all sapphires?
No, pure blue sapphires generally cost more than fancy-colored sapphires like pink sapphires.