A Guide to Citrine

Citrine Gemstone Guide

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Fans of citrine jewelry will know that citrine jewelry with its yellow and orange tones, similar to the breaking dawn, is often associated with optimism and wellbeing. Indeed, who could wear this sunny gemstone without experiencing a positive shift in mood. This is only part of the reason that citrine gemstones have been used extensively in the Enchanted Disney Jewelry collection.

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Citrine gemstones are quartz stones that come in a wide range of colors. This yellow-toned quartz gemstone takes its name from the old French citrin, meaning lemon colored. This rare stone is often fairly transparent and ranges from pale yellow to a brownish orange. Natural citrines can be found in parts of Russia and Madagascar.

People have made jewelry out of this sunny stone for centuries for reasons beyond its physical beauty. It was believed that citrine gemstones made men more intelligent and attractive. This lovely gemstone was believed to be one of the few gemstones that held only positive energy, and it has been referred to as “the merchant’s stone,” because it was believed that it attracted money and success to the wearer.

What to look for when buying citrine jewelry?

When shopping for citrine jewelry, you will want to pay attention to several things.

  • Hue: The hue of your citrine helps to determine its value. Pale yellow stones are more abundant than citrine stones with deeper colors, and therefore less valuable. The highest quality citrines will have a saturated golden color and you will notice flashes of fiery orange inside the stone. A truly valuable citrine holds layers of beauty often not seen at first glance.
  • Clarity: As with most things, a citrine gemstone isn’t perfect. A quality citrine gemstone should, however, appear clear to the eye.
  • Cut: You will most frequently find citrine stones cut into an oval or round shape. Because citrine is quartz, these stones can be found in larger sizes than many other stones when cut into an oval or round shape the citrine’s color and the way it disperses the light can be maximized.
  • Carat: As with all gemstones, the size of your citrine will impact its value. However, unlike some more costly gemstones, citrine stones are available in larger sizes since they are quartz. As this is the case, citrine jewelry is a fine choice for bold designs at a reasonable price.

As you look through the Enchanted Disney Jewelry Collection you will find a rich assortment of citrine gemstone jewelry. Just like the deep and lively Belle, you will find a variety of jewelry options that will allow your rich and beautiful nature to shine through.

Tips for Citrine Jewelry Care

  • Take care to store your citrine jewelry out of the sunlight to maintain the color of your gemstones.
  • Store your citrine jewelry in a way that it doesn’t risk your citrine stones rubbing against other stones. Although your citrine jewelry isn’t delicate, it can become scratched if rubbed against harder stones.
  • Don’t wear your citrine gemstone jewelry when you are engaged in sports or spending a great deal of time in the sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade your citrine gemstone jewelry.
  • Use mild soap and water and a soft cloth to clean. Avoid exposing your citrine gemstones to harsh chemicals.
  • While ultrasonic cleaners are safe for your citrine gemstones, you will want to make sure you don’t use steam cleaners, which can alter the nature of your citrine stones.


1. Which color citrine is the most valuable?
The Madeira citrine gemstone with its deep reddish-orange color is the most sought-after and valuable color of citrine gemstone. Although pale yellow citrine stones are fairly common, citrine stones with a saturated golden color and fiery flashes of orange are a rare find.

2. Which metal best suits a citrine?
Citrine gemstones complement a wide range of metals. Some will want to set their citrine gemstones in yellow gold where they add a seamless sparkle to the rich setting. However, others will want to compliment the sparkling gemstone by adding the contrast of white gold or platinum. If you are a true romantic you may wish to accentuate the romantic nature of this sunny stone by setting it in rose gold. For those on a budget, you will quickly see that citrine is ideally contrasted with a setting of sterling silver.

3. Is citrine a durable gemstone?
Citrine has a 7 rating on the Mohs scale of hardness. This means that citrine gemstones are fairly durable but much less hard than a diamond or sapphire. Since citrine isn’t a delicate stone, you can comfortably wear your citrine jewelry daily if you practice a bit of care.

4. Does the color of a citrine fade with time?
Natural citrine gemstones do tend to fade over time when exposed to intense sunlight. Due to this gemstone’s tendency to fade, it is not wise to wear your citrine jewelry when sunbathing or spending a great deal of time in the intense sunlight.