A Guide to Rose-De-France

A Guide to Rose-De-France

Here at Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry, we love the princess stories and the values they celebrate. After all, for many people those pieces of childhood imagination are a major part of childhood memories-and present-day parenting. When we design our jewelry, though, we think about how it can reflect the story overall, both in design and the materials used. To reflect the Princess Rapunzel story, we selected the Rose-De-France gemstone. Along with other materials, this gemstone captures the romance of Princess Rapunzel quite well. It also offers a beautiful complement to the icy blue shades that feature prominently in our Princess Elsa collection. Let’s look at this gemstone more closely.

What is Rose-De France?

This somewhat unique stone is a type of amethyst. Most famous for being purple in color, amethyst is a kind of quartz that derives its color from iron and an irradiated environment during crystal formation. The color of amethyst can range from deep purple all the way to a pale pinkish lavender that we call Rose-De-France gemstone. Amethyst forms deep inside the earth over millions of years, with the melted and dissolved quartz chemicals crystallizing into hard stone. We find Rose-De-France mainly in Bolivia and Zambia, with other amethyst shades being famously found in Brazil, Russia, and the United States.

As a variety of quartz, Rose-De-France is a relatively durable gemstone, featuring a hardness of 7 out of 10. This means that, as a rule, you can wear your Rose-De-France engagement ring with confidence. You’ll remember the day your partner gave it to you every time you look at the ring.

What is the meaning of Rose-De-France?

From a Disney perspective, the delicate color of Rose-De-France captures Rapunzel’s charm-and reminds us of the days of innocence and wonder. In addition, amethyst symbolizes royalty and grace, so that Rose-De-France jewelry is fit for princesses like Elsa and Anna.

How do we evaluate the quality of this stone?

Generally speaking, quality Rose-De-France needs to have very few inclusions, meaning that it looks clear and crisp. Also, while it’s possible to permanently create the Rose-De-France color with heat treatment, we opt for natural-colored stones. Besides, the heating process is difficult because of the pink-to-purple shift of Rose-De-France amethyst. This color variation is the most important hallmark of Rose-De-France jewelry.

What’s the best way to display Rose-De-France in jewelry?

Really, you can put this lovely stone into any kind of jewelry, including Rose-De-France earrings, a Rose-De-France necklace, Rose-De-France bracelets, Rose-De-France rings, and much more. In other words, you can use this color of amethyst anywhere that you’d use the darker versions or any other colored gemstone. The primary concerns are style and the color of other materials in the piece of jewelry. You want the materials to look good together, though within this limit there are many options.

Some great options with Rose-De-France are blue topaz, diamonds, rose gold, and silver. There are Enchanted Disney Rapunzel Rose-De-France and Elsa options that have this combination. Blue topaz shows off the pinkish lavender of the Rose-De-France, while diamonds add sparkle. Sterling silver lets the pale colors shine through, while rose gold accents the pink tones of the amethyst. Pink and purple go well together generally, which is one reason a lot of other amethyst jewelry is set in rose gold.

Choosing and caring for Rose-de-France jewelry

Once you’ve chosen the right piece of jewelry, you need to know how to care for it. Warm soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush are a good way to keep your jewelry clean and sparkling. A store-bought jewelry cleaner can work, too. Be careful about using ultrasonic cleaners or excessive heat, as these can sometimes damage the stones. Store your jewelry in its box or a purpose-built jewelry box for safekeeping.


1. Is the Rose-De-France a rare gem?
Amethyst is a common gemstone, which is why we call it semiprecious. However, Rose-De-France is relatively uncommon by amethyst standards, making it somewhat rare.

2. Does the Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry Collection have Rose-De-France jewelry?
Yes. This gemstone features in our Rapunzel and Frozen collections.

3. What is the difference between a Rose-De-France and the amethyst gemstone?
Rose-De-France is a special shade of amethyst that’s often called “pink,” but has a lot of purple in it.

4. What is the color of Rose-De-France?
It is a light pinkish-purple.