All You Need to Know about Gemstone Shapes

Gemstone Shapes Guide

Knowing more about gemstone cuts and shapes helps you find the perfect piece of jewelry–especially if you’re looking for an amazing gemstone gift. Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry offers plenty of breathtaking options.

Gemstone Shapes Explained

Cutting gemstones means processing rough crystals into polished, brilliant gemstones. This process determines the specific shape for the stone, and the cut determines the stone’s facets for brilliance and sparkle. The gemstone cut and shape work together to enhance the color, clarity and shine of the gem.

Shape options include cushion, emerald, marquis, oval, pear, princess, and round.

  • Cushion: This shape is also referred to as a pillow cut because of the softness of the shape’s edges. The cushion shape has gently rounded corners and maximizes the gem’s brilliance. They have trimmed corners for increased stability and are less prone to chipping. The popularity of cushion-shaped gemstones has increased in recent years.
  • Emerald: An emerald cut is made to emphasize long parallel step cuts along with clipped corners. The clipped corners prevent fractures and increase its stability. The parallel lines enhance the diamond's strength and durability to protect against chips. Although most emerald cuts are rectangular; square variations exist (called square emerald cuts). The emerald cut emphasizes the gemstone’s color.
  • Marquise: Marquise cuts are longer than they are wide–an elongated gemstone that is pointed at both ends. The stone needs perfect symmetry to ensure the stone sits properly in the setting to minimize chipping or breakage at the two points.
  • Oval: This variation of the round gemstone shape offers the brilliance and fire of round cut gemstones but in a more unique shape. This shape also helps to create the illusion of a larger gemstone. Oval gemstones have increased in popularity in the past couple years, and some say they’re one of the most popular shapes. Its round shape and lack of points makes this a durable choice.
  • Pear: Also known as a teardrop-shaped cut, pear-shaped gemstones include a point on one end and a rounded edge on the other. Pear-shaped gemstones have become more popular recently. Its unique shape adds character to jewelry and makes a statement. Stones are most delicate at their points, so you’ll want to make sure the point of the pear isn’t too pointy to prevent breaking.
  • Princess: Generally, a rectangle-shaped princess cut is the second most popular cut behind the round brilliant. A variety of facets are acceptable for princess cut gemstones, but will also have sparkle. The square attributes of a princess cut also mean the gem retains more of the rough stone in the cutting process. To ensure your princess cut gemstone is durable, make sure the points are protected by prongs.
  • Round: Can you believe that round gemstones have 58 facets? Hard to believe, but it explains how light makes them sparkle. Round gemstones, especially round diamonds, are a popular gemstone shape. It’s a popular choice for diamonds because it showcases the stone’s brilliance and fire. Round gemstones are very durable because they don’t have corners or points.

How to Select Gemstone Cuts?

The cut of the gemstone contributes toward jewelry’s quality and durability. Selecting a gemstone cut depends on personal preferences, jewelry type and the type of stone. For example, selecting a gemstone cut for an engagement ring depends on whether your significant other prefers a traditional or more non-traditional look. When choosing an engagement ring, selecting a harder, more durable center stone, like a diamond or a sapphire, could make it more durable. For diamonds, the 4Cs are also a factor (cut, carat weight, clarity and color). Likewise, gemstone cuts without corners or points are at lower risk for snagging and breakage. The size of the stone depends on your budget and the size of the hand.

The cut of the stone can enhance or hinder the gemstone. Quality-cut gemstones, like the jewelry from Enchanted Disney, are configured for optimal brilliance. Cuts should be symmetric, have even color, and be cut to expose as few inclusions as possible. So whether it’s an engagement ring, necklace or earrings, cut matters!

Enchanted Disney Gemstone Shapes

Gemstone shapes often are the focus of most jewelry pieces, and Enchanted Disney has some spectacular options. No matter what type of gemstone shape you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find plenty of choices for cushion, emerald, marquise, oval, pear, princess and round shapes:

When choosing the right piece of jewelry to give, consider the person you’re giving to and observe what type of jewelry they wear and their personal style. Take a look at their jewelry choices as well–do they prefer classic and traditional jewelry, or more whimsical or edgy pieces?


1. What are the most popular gemstone shapes?
Round continues to be a classic, popular gemstone, but princess cut is also a popular choice. Pear and cushion have gained popularity in recent years.

2. What is the difference between gemstone cut and gemstone shape?
Cutting gemstones means processing rough crystals into polished and brilliant gemstones. This process determines the specific shape for the stone. The gemstone cut and shape work together to enhance the color, clarity and shine of the gem.

3. What’s the best way to mix and match gemstone shapes?
A center stone can be mixed with a mixture of other shapes, or a smaller version of the same shape. You’ll want to look at the symmetry of the ring and stones. Oval, round, marquis and pear-shaped cuts work well together because they’re from the circle family. Halo rings work well with a mixture of gemstone shapes.