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Princess Mulan Inspired Jewelry

Princess Mulan Inspired Jewelry

Jewelry is something that most women like. It can represent their values, show their sense of style, and even draw inspiration from their favorite characters. For fans of Disney’s Princess Mulan, there are some lovely options.

Mulan-inspired jewelry Mulan-inspired jewelry

Who might like Mulan-inspired jewelry?

Any woman who likes Mulan, the values depicted in the story, or the style of the jewelry itself will enjoy wearing this jewelry line. Styles are appropriate for a variety of occasions, from casually running errands to work, and even a night on the town. In other words, Mulan jewelry can be worn anywhere by anyone.

What materials are used for Mulan jewelry?

Whatever you want to add to your Mulan jewelry box, rest assured that your jewelry will be made from the finest materials. All Disney gold jewelry is made from solid yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. For centuries, gold has been the standard for quality jewelry. It is also an asset that retains value, year after year. More affordable pieces feature sterling silver settings. This option allows the customer to save money while still enjoying high-quality craftsmanship that lasts for years.

Likewise, we choose the best stones for our Mulan jewelry. It is intended to coordinate with your style and the Mulan dress. Diamonds are a centuries-old symbol of love, fidelity, and strength. Meanwhile, rhodolite garnet is a sign of inspiration and healing. Combined with different fine metals, these stones capture the symbolism of the Mulan movie series beautifully.

Popular Mulan jewelry types

Of course, Mulan fans can enjoy several types of jewelry inspired by the Mulan movie series. Like Mulan herself, strong and independent women like to look pretty in a variety of ways, and sparkly jewelry is one of the best.

Earrings - For earring fans, Mulan fine jewelry has some unique options. Both studs and dangles feature plum blossoms, dragonflies, and even Chinese characters. There are several options that range in price and style.

Necklaces - Mulan fans can also get fine jewelry that mirrors her style. A dragonfly necklace represents her independence in an elegant way, while plum blossoms adorn other graceful offerings. Either way, you’ll look and feel beautiful.

Bracelets - Sometimes, bracelets are the mark of a strong, independent woman like Mulan. Infused with rose gold and diamonds, these bracelets are as elegant as they are timeless.

Engagement Rings - Mulan’s story ends with a quest for true love. If you have found your true love, you’ll want to celebrate with an engagement ring. Ours feature sparkling diamonds and fine gold details. Choose one with or without romantic rose gold.

Premium Chateau Collection Fine Jewelry - Not all Mulan jewelry is created equal, and some pieces are especially outstanding. Choose the highest quality jewelry when nothing but the best will do, complete with the finest Mulan details.


Mulan jewelry options

With all that in mind, let’s look at our Mulan jewelry options.

Want to feel pretty like Princess Mulan? These simple, yet elegant, Mulan stud earrings are perfect for you. They feature rose gold and sterling silver in the shape of plum blossoms. In the center, there are five small diamonds. Especially pretty for a younger woman or a casual, yet elegant, workday staple.

An elegant option you can wear up or down, this Mulan necklace features both rhodolite garnets and diamonds. The pendant’s rose gold plum blossoms are finished with lovely rhodolite garnets for that added pop of pink and a little romance. Sterling silver stems accented with diamonds finish off the look.

For something a little different, check out this pair of black rhodium Mulan earrings. Featuring plum blossoms, they have darkened stems that highlight the color of the stones. Each blossom has diamond-studded petals and a rhodolite garnet center on a branch.

There’s no question that this Mulan necklace makes a statement. The dragonfly sits on a fixed chain, and features wide wings with a thin body. Its head is set with a rhodolite garnet, and several diamonds dot the thin body. Simple, yet elegant for a woman who wants something unique.

If you’ve found the perfect girl but haven’t saved up for a Mulan engagement ring yet, check out this promise ring. It features a rose gold plum blossom with diamonds in the center of the flower and on the shank. It’s a simple, yet elegant token of your love. On her wedding day, she can wear this on her right hand with a Mulan bracelet to match.



1. Is Mulan based on a true story?
It is based on a Chinese folk story and has been adapted to inspire audiences around the world.

2. What are the qualities of Mulan?
Mulan is a young woman who will do anything for her family. She is honorable, intelligent, brave, and innocent in her quest to bring honor to the family.

3. What occasions can I gift Mulan-inspired jewelry on?
Whenever you’d like to treat someone special! Earrings are great for a “just because” gift, while a Mulan engagement ring says that she is your princess.

4. Where can I find a Mulan-inspired engagement ring?
Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry is the licensed source for Mulan-inspired jewelry, including engagement rings.