Ways to Earn Sparkles

As a prestigious member of the Enchanted Disney Rewards Program, earn Sparkle points every time you purchase and redeem towards exclusive benefits
  • Signup Bonus
    200 Sparkles
    Sign up today to get complimentary 200 Sparkle points
  • Celebrate your birthday
    200 Sparkles
    We have a birthday gift for you! We will gift you 200 Sparkle points on your birthday
  • Make a purchase
    Earn Sparkles for every purchase
    The more you purchase, the more sparkles you will earn!


Shop more, Earn more sparkles
  • Silver
    < 2000 Sparkles
    1 Sparkle for every $1 Spent *
  • Gold
    2000-7500 Sparkles
    1.5 Sparkles for every $1 Spent *
  • Platinum
    >7500 Sparkles
    2 Sparkles for every $1 Spent *
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