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Princess ariel's

Alluring Elegance

Ariel’s iconic seashell motif with scalloped fish scale design is seen throughout the collection. Shining with brilliance, her signature gemstone, purple amethyst adds a spark to every piece

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Come with us to become a part of this unique Chateau Collection, alight with excitement & emotion, and bask in the radiant glow of jewels that soar high into the stratosphere.

Princess belle's

Enchanted Roses

Dancing scallop flow across these designs as they flow across Belle's ball gown. Yellow citrine glows brilliantly paired with the enchanted rose inspired motifs.

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Princess cinderella's

Timeless glory

Elegance is crafted and carved in white topaz displaying the iconic pumpkin shape of Cinderella’s carriage. Brilliance of the midnight sky is represented by London blue topaz.

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Breathing Magic

into your jewels

Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry is proud to introduce the first of its kind luxe jewelry line, The Chateau Collection. The first edition is designed around Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Moana, Mulan and Tiana. Design inspiration continues to be Disney Princesses along with their Iconic features and details embeded in each classic films. We hope you find beauty, elegance and sophistication in this line of collection and experience making an extra-ordinary statement.

Princess moana's

Captivating Grace

Moana’s adventure finds us gazing at the crystalesque stars. Their reflection mirrors the Moana high jewelry line in golden pyrite on an ocean of deep blue lapis.

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Princess mulan's

Ravishing Brilliance

Masterfully hand carved Rhodolite creates a beautiful bouquet of plumb blossom. Mulan styles represent history along with style; silk inspired by the historic silk trade presents this high jewelry line well.

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Princess tiana's

Stardust Charm

Tiana’s high jewelry styles are inspired by her signature lily. The beautiful casted flower hugs a magnificent green Amethyst.

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