Bestie Vs Frenemy

Bestie Vs Frenemy

For every princess we adore, there is an evil villain, equally fabulous, lurking right around the corner. We all watch our favorite princesses for their bravery in the face of adversaries. They are strong, kind, and beautiful. But, villains… they are also fabulous and have a great color palette. There’s nothing catchier than a good villain song, and a good villain fashion piece of ? That’s to die for.

For some of our most fabulous villains, they and their best frenemy have matching Diamond Rings, Necklaces, “friendship” bracelets.

We all have friends who we love but are so different from us, style, personality. This is such a cute opportunity to embrace our differences and rock out in style!

Ariel and Ursula

Light delicate designs with a gorgeous diamond encrusted shell necklace where Ursula has a deep, devastatingly intoxicating conch shell pendant to lure in the wearer’s desires. Watch out King Triton, Ursula has snatched your famous triton and turned them into for her own pair of Ursula Diamond Earrings with her own killer twist. The fabulous rich purple unites these frenemies for looks that will leave you speechless. ;)

Aurora and Maleficent

Gorgeous pink sapphire (wow) enchants this spellbinding collection. These gemstone rings make you want to reach out and put them on your finger, but instead of falling asleep you’ll be ready to go out and make a scene! Aurora and Maleficent perfectly represent my two moods, pink and black and pink! These frenemies remind me to be my own best friend because I want all of this.

Snow White and the Evil Queen

There are options for all you fake friends out there too (hehe) Snow White and her evil step mom the Evil Queen battle over apple and heart. These heart-stopping red garnets have us stopped in our tracks. The princess crown ring gives the queen crown ring a run for its money. I love the tiara vs the crown, rose gold versus yellow gold. Who are you repping?

As we can see, love everyone, even your frenemies! You can feud in style and maybe having your own gorgeous pieces will even make you come together. Whether you love your Disney princess crown or you want to snatch a Disney villain crown, you can show off your unique style and your favorite characters. Grab your bestie with a different aesthetic and show out in style!