6 Rings that’ll have you showing love to the Villains

6 Rings that’ll have you showing love to the Villains

If there’s something about a Disney Villain, it’s that we love to hate them, hate that they steal the show, and love to belt out their song lyrics (so catchy!) Three of the most iconic Disney villains, Ursula the Sea Witch, Maleficent dark sorceress, and the poisonous Evil Queen, deserve to be celebrated too. I mean they do serve looks and here they are bringing some bite to your accessory game. This collection of rings includes the best, most attractive Disney villains and the most evil.


Ursula is the evil sea witch who wants one thing and one thing only, to rule the sea and look good while doing it! Ursula has flair, she has that oomph in her walk and she knows how to serve some serious looks.

Ursula Engagement Ring

This standout ring says I’m here and I’m fabulous in true Ursula fashion. The bulging diamond in the center with smaller diamonds strung along the black rhodium band are reminiscent of Ursula’s voluptuous tentacles. The ring works as both a dazzling diamond engagement ring as well as a fashion ring to wear with the fiercest outfits as a standout piece.

Ursula Ring

This untamed ring has me on the floor with the swirled diamonds on a fierce black rhodium band. Ursula’s tentacles will be wrapped around your finger, maybe you can even get some of that sea witch magic.


Maleficent is pure evil; devious, ruthless, but she sure does slay! Her look is snatched, dark, purple, and honestly we’re obsessed with it. She knows if you’re going to be evil you need to also be fierce. Feast your eyes on these intense Disney Maleficent rings.

Maleficent Rose Ring

This black rhodium rose on sterling silver makes us understand why Aurora would follow her into that trap. I would too for this ring.

Maleficent iconic Ring

Maleficent’s iconic horns with black diamonds snake out of hypnotizing amethyst. Recreating her iconic look with this ring will bring out your true power. Embrace the lure of these rings.

The evil queen

If there’s one thing about the Disney villains, it’s that they’re going to serve. The evil queen is serving apples and looks and her Enchanted fine jewelry collection is no different. Her line evokes class and grace. Even if she is wicked, these rings can have my heart.

Red Garnet Dagger Ring

This heartstopping black rhodium fashion ring is to die for. It has a dagger going through a red garnet which is stunning and bold. This ring says, yeah I’m the fairest of them all, and you can’t do anything about it.

Red Garnet Evil Queen Ring

The dagger on this ring is a delicate rose gold that pleasantly goes through this red garnet heart. I can’t even be mad, it is too beautiful. The gemstone ring has a diamond studded sterling silver band that’s fitting for a queen.

These rings as well as these villains serve elegance, power, and style. The villain collection is live on Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry so go ahead and embrace the dark magic.