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Choosing the Perfect Ring for Your Princess

Choosing the Perfect Ring for Your Princess

How well do you know your princess?

Is she the goofy, optimistic, hopeless romantic Anna?

Is she the ever curious, spunky Ariel?

Is she the kind, graceful and angelic Aurora?

Is she the intelligent, open-minded, kind-hearted Belle?

Is she the cheerful, romantic, elusive Cinderella?

Is she the reserved, powerful, magical Elsa?

Is she the strong-willed, confident, dreamer Jasmine?

Is she the bold, brave, headstrong Merida?

Is she the courageous, self-reliant, heroic Mulan?

Is she the noble, free-spirited, wise Pocahontas?

Is she the clever, playful, adventurous Rapunzel?

Is she the innocent, gentle, cheerful Snow White?

Is she the hardworking, determined, inspiring Tiana?

Is she the sassy, feisty, adorable Tinkerbell?

We’re all dreaming of our perfect prince to sweep us off our feet, and included in that is our perfect diamond ring! This means your partner choosing pieces they know you would connect with personally so you can embrace the power of looking and feeling like yourself (your favorite version of yourself) on your wedding day!