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Enchanted Disney’s Cruella collection is designed to showcase her infamous hairstyle. Most pieces in the collection include a mixture of both white and black diamonds, giving a stark contrast between the two. You also will find blood-red garnets throughout the collection, which showcase Cruella’s evil side.

Many pieces are modeled after glamorous yet edgy designs, such as lightning bolts, evil eyes, and safety pins. Cruella herself is one of the more glamorous Disney villains, so these elements pay tribute to that. Metal accents are a mix of sterling silver and black rhodium, again showcasing Cruella’s signature hairstyle. You can choose to show your love for this villain with diamond rings, necklaces, and earrings.

Cruella Jewelry


The inspiration behind the Maleficent jewelry collection is a blend of elegance and evil, which is exactly how Maleficent herself is. You’ll find stunningly sinister elements in this collection, including her horns, wings, and thorns. The use of black diamonds and black onyx help give a dark glamor to each piece in this collection.

Many pieces in the Maleficent collection feature black rhodium, which showcases Maleficent’s dark side. However, you’ll find some pieces that incorporate sterling silver or 10K rose gold accents, which help showcase the internal conflict between her darkness and her glamorous side. The Maleficent collection includes diamond engagement rings, earrings, necklaces, and rings of many designs, perfect for paying tribute to this elegant villain.

Maleficent Jewelry


The Ursula jewelry collection has been designed to show off the unique, flamboyant, and even fun approach that Ursula has towards being an evil sea witch. You’ll find a variety of pieces that showcase Ursula’s tentacles and can help you exude the confidence that she does. If tentacles aren’t your style, you can choose a piece that incorporates her trident, which will help you feel powerful every time you wear it!

The Ursula collection uses a gorgeous variety of stones, including black onyx, black diamonds, and amethyst. This mixture gives off an appearance of mystery and elegant royalty, fitting of the sea witch herself! Most pieces have the dark glamor of black rhodium, though you will find some sterling silver in a few pieces. You can show off your inner Ursula through diamond engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, or rings!

Ursula Jewelry

Evil Queen

The Evil Queen jewelry collection is centered around a stunning motif of a deep red heart and her dagger. This duo showcases the heartbreak, betrayal, and personal sacrifice this wicked queen experiences using her power and elegance. The use of blood red garnets mixed with both black and white diamonds helps add wicked yet elegant designs to every piece in this collection.

The Evil Queen collection uses a variety of metals, including black rhodium, sterling silver, and 10K gold. The variety helps show off the Evil Queen’s tenacity as a villain and her power and perseverance to obtain what she desires. You can show off your inner Evil Queen through rings, diamond necklaces, and a variety of earrings.

Evil Queen Jewelry


The Jafar jewelry collection is as magical as Jafar himself. If you want pieces that go against the traditional look of fine jewelry, these will do that for you. Throughout this collection, you’ll find pieces inspired by Jafar’s snakes and his staff. Red garnets are used to create the serpents’ eyes, showing off the inner evil of the snakes. Plus, the use of dark stones like black diamonds, combined with stunning black rhodium, help give off a dark and mysterious vibe, fitting for the sorcerer who inspired them.

You can show off your inner sorcerer through golden rings, black earrings, or diamond-accented necklaces. Whichever pieces you choose, they’ll be sure to help flash your inner villain in an unconventional way.

Jafar Jewelry

Dr. Facilier

The Enchanted Disney Dr. Facilier jewelry collection was designed to give an elegant touch to the styles of the voodoo doctor himself. Throughout the collection, you’ll find elements like a skull and crossbones, evil eyes, and other elements connected to his witchcraft. Dark stones like black diamonds play off the purple amethysts to create a dark and sinister look that will catch anyone’s eye.

Most pieces showcase black rhodium as their main metal accents, though you will find sterling silver and even some 10K rose gold accents throughout the collection. Every piece in the collection is designed to allow you to show off the dark witch doctor with an impressive amount of elegance. You can choose between necklaces and earrings in this stunning collection.

Dr. Facilier Jewelry


Regardless of your favorite Disney Villain, there’s no better way to pay tribute to them than through an elegant and beautiful piece of jewelry. The Enchanted Disney villains collections help you show off your inner evil side in a way that is classy, beautiful, and creative!