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Rapunzel Exquisite Jewelry

Rapunzel Exquisite Jewelry

Modern day Rapunzel would shine so bright in these glowing sun pieces. With summer starting we all have dreams of growing our hair incredibly long for our looks to be reminiscent of the golden locked princess.

Rapunzel found out she was the lost princess due to bright lights Time to get tangled up in a summer adventure of your dreams, and you’ll need one of her trusty lanterns to guide you.

Rapunzel is the kind of princess to go out and find her own adventure. She lights up the sky with her golden hair, bright personality, and amazing spirit. You can remember to let your light shine too with the Rapunzel sun ring in gorgeous yellow gold that’s perfect for summer, the dazzling yellow gold earrings, and the gold sun Rapunzel medallion so you can always find your way.

If your adventure leads you to it, there are also gorgeous Rapunzel diamond engagement rings, for when you find the one who lights up your heart and your sky. Summer is the perfect time for adventure, for exploration, and for letting excitement find you. Help guide it to you and be the center of your own universe with these sun jewelry pieces.

These items and more from the Rapunzel collection are available on Shine in time for summer and embrace your inner adventurous princess, just like Rapunzel.